GameTrailers: Army of Two - Opening Cinema

GameTrailers presents the opening cinema of Army of Two.

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IzKyD13313889d ago

i think this may be EA's first multiplatform game for this generation that doesnt suck, im just hoping they finally learned to work out the PS3

PLAYWATCH3889d ago

Where's the Gameplay portion? Watching cut-scenes tells me nothing about this game.

marcdz13889d ago

Those graphics are freaking awesome. I was never interested in this game in the least but now it has my full attention. I am getting this day one. Story sounds good too.

instantstupor3889d ago

this game has gone on and off my radar more than a few times. The last few gameplay videos I've seen looked pretty good and seems like some improvements have been made. Oh, and yes, the cut scene graphics here were nice, but not at all indicative of the in game graphics. So, marcdz1, if you were interested in it solely for graphics, look at some gameplay videos to get a better idea (though it does look pretty good).

Bonsai12143889d ago

i'm pretty sure that that's all cg. if the real game is anything like that, i'll be shocked.

hopefully it won't suck.

Dashmoney1013889d ago

i luv that the whole thing is co op!