GameTrailers TV - Episode 105 - Chapter 1 to 4

GameTrailers TV presents Episode 105, in Chapter 1, Shane & Cliffy update GameTrailer TV on what the 360 has in the works, and GameTrailers TV goes behind the scenes on the Condemned 2 commercial.

Chapter 2: Resistance 2
GameTrailers TV finds out how the sequel to Resistance is coming, and Blizzard's Mike Morhaime updates GameTrailer TV on the WOW movie.

Chapter 3: David Jaffe Interview
Will Jaffe reveal details about Twisted Metal PS3? Plus! Amanda MacKay hits the red carpet at the Interactive Achievement Awards

Chapter 4: Ken Kutaragi
What is the father of the PlayStation's vision for the gaming industry and are we there yet?

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Lord Anubis3893d ago

Ken's English is much better now.

Lord_Ash3892d ago

That was really entertaining, the bet between this guy and David made me laugh, it seems like the interviewer cheated and told Ken who David was, you can see it on Ken's face. lol

Lord_Ash3892d ago

Then again, I’m sure Ken knows the guy behind 2 multi-million-seller Sony franchises. (Sorry for the double post, I can’t edit).