GameSpy: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Preview

GameSpy writes: Our first stateside hands-on with Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII was decidedly favorable, although there could be some issues that could potentially damage the experience. As a more action-oriented approach to the classic RPG formula, Crisis Core doesn't seem to do anything particularly original, but serves more as a refinement of the sometimes shaky action portion of the equation.

Wrapping the generally satisfying (if simplistic) combat in a grungy, heavy metal soundtrack and seriously cool menus (no, really, we were impressed by the amount of animation in the menus), Crisis Core is expected to hit the United States this March. So far it seems promising and could even redeem the Final Fantasy VII franchise after Dirge of Cerberus.

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SaiyanFury3943d ago

In a really rare situation I have my copy on preorder. I can't wait to play it.

spectyre3942d ago

I rarely pre-order anything, but I got this from Amazon. I get a Shin-Ra UMD case for my pre-order. Hooray for shwag.