GameTrailer: Wipeout HD GDC 2008 - Trailer

Gametrailers presents Wipeout HD GDC 08 Trailer, and writes: Jump the treble pump up the bass, and get ready for a fast and furious race

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PLAYWATCH3893d ago

Day 1 purchase, no doubt.

Vitalogy3893d ago

You f*ckun' bet on it :)

This one is going to be an huge success on network

Rice3893d ago

This game is gorgeous, i guess i have to wait till they release ps cards...

Sevir043893d ago

*get's a napkin to wipe up the drool* that was gorgeous... This is why i cant wait for this, it's unparrallel Not even F-Zero has anything on this and that game is Ninty Best. ^^ man this is aweosme. WipeOut is King.