Gamers ditch their PCs

PC gaming has stagnated as Australians embrace the social living room experiences of newfangled video games consoles.

Market watcher GfK said the value of the PC gaming market in Australia grew by just 6 per cent last year, while console game sales grew 31 per cent. In the US, the PC gaming market declined by 6 per cent last year.

Games developers have become reluctant to release titles on the PC platform because a huge portion of the market is being soaked up by two franchises: World of Warcraft (WoW) and The Sims.

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Richdad3943d ago

Xbox 360 is also responsible for eroding PC market since, microsoft wanted to get a console which can bring Windows entertainment to PC. But with competition they went extreme into console bussines. I mean why would not anyone like to have a hardware 1/3 the price of PC running probably most of the PC games at HD.
Not to mention how PS2 kicked ass of PC in the last gerne. I mean it didnt had much game like that of PC but its popularity made many developers who made for PC earlier make games only on PS2 or atleast play it first on PC, example how Capcom ceased making PC games. FF and MGS were on PC but later switched as exclusives.
Also the troublesome hardware PC gamers have I mean if you buy a certain game you are not even sure that it would run properly on your PC or not. While on console you can easily bash the devloper if its doesnt maitains 30 fps for 2 secs here and there. Still developers will try to give consoles 60 fps at 1080p, when Pc gamers pray for running the game on full setting with 30 fps and HD is far away.

theox2g73943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

what do u mean? pcs have been HD gaming @ 60 fps for the past decade, why should they pray for it? where were you? haven't u ever heard of system requirements and game demos before getting the game? if u take good care of ur pc likewise ur consoles, u won't have problems and don't complain about drivers and updates cos consoles are gradually doing these as well and even installing some cases, jeez, how many ppl are uninformed here? FYI, when a pc game pushes 1080p it is pushing true 1920x1080 pixel by pixel not some 1280x1080 with pixels shaved to provide performance, a fairly high end rig runs cod4 at true 1080p at framerates high than 60 fps, i have yet see a console game besides ninja gaiden signma and wipeout boasting 1080p at 60 fps, cod4 had to have pixels shaved off to maintain its framerate, either way devs find a way to sacrifice one or two things for performance, but as time goes, hopefully, they will sacrifice less and less,

yes and pcs are 3 times the price of consoles (even debatable considering all the addons, xbox live and stuff and rapidly reducing hardware sales) but they can do a million things, u would be an idiot to build a $1000 pc and just use it only for games, it's a matter of perspective, I can build a $6000 pc for that matter and get more use and value out of it than my $300 console, it's called bang for buck i believe, and if u don't have a laptop, that 10 year old dell ur mom still has can be upgraded or replaced, why not take the time to learn the easy process of building a computer and just make it a decent gaming rig for kicks? u don't stand to lose anything plus u can play pc exlusives or save $10 on multiplatforms with modding potential or even some polished 360 games with extra content for that matter

Before anyone disagrees with me, i'm not saying that consoles don't have nice graphics and aren't better value for money, i'm just trying to clear up some misconceptions about pc gaming, just enjoy ur consoles and actually do a little reading before bashing pcs, go to newegg or tigerdirect and see the real prices of hardware before making outrageous calls, google is your friend

Richdad3943d ago

I was compalining abt developers not the PC gaming, and they kicked my ass too I was a hardcore PC gamer so much into PC gaming that you cant even imagine but lack of games in market and all the Ps2 piracy thing, Yeah you wont believe shopkeepers didnt even games of PC in town to boost PS2 sales, I had to import games from bigger cities and at prices much higher than orignal and PS2 punters got there stuff at a price of coke in the local grey market.

Not only this each time I ask for PC games they repeat the same thing why dont you buy a PS2. I did purchased it in 2005 ( I had no other option), and it was a good choice some games were good. But the graphics were dull on all accounts then the PC I had. Also the sort of line up PS2 had was very differnet than PC some good games like MGS3 and GT4 were not very entertaining to me, I guess they were just for hardcore PS players. If you would have been in my place for 1 week you would have wiped out the whole PS2 grey market with a bomb.

Also bad was that exclusive PC games were less in number and console exclusive were increasing. Later on I swtiched to 360 since the games on it were of the type I got in PC though still getting a game for it is also not easy (told you abt the PS2 grey market its still there).

But a regional store for 360 has been opened they bring any game I want but I have to preorder and wait for a week.
Yeah its sounds funny or even ridiculous but I had this frustration in me which camed out in this post. But I was writing this for PC gamer so I have no problem with it.

theox2g73942d ago

the reason why u don't get pc games is because the industry is changing to digital, games are dissappearing from shelves because everybody is buying them online rather than in store, due to convenience, less expense and 100% durability since no worry of cd scratching and stuff, and most pc gamers who pirated games just for the convenience of having it digitally could now buy games the way they had always wanted to, that's why steam and all those online retailers are so big,

JDW3943d ago

When a new generation of consoles are released they always look good compared to PC's.

Wait one year and the graphical capabilities of PC's will be shown again.

Even now, it seems unlikely that Crysis will be capable on any consoles, yet the hardware required to run Crysis on a PC is becoming cheaper by the month.

Also, I'm pretty sure the remarkable growth being seen in the console market is more to do with the "cheap and cheerful" Wii than anything the PS3 or 360 is currently doing.

Noodlecup3943d ago

but there are 200 million PC gamers out there who are happy gaming regardless of how new the game is. That's the difference between PC and console gamers: console gamers enjoy their flavour of the month games until the next big title comes out, PC gamers stick with their favourite game for years and years because the experience is great and there's more room for improvement in skill with a mouse and keyboard.

Jdoki3943d ago

That's dead right NoodleCup. But you've hit the nail on the head as to why the PC market is in decline.

Many mainstreamPC gamers are creaturs of habit - they find a game and stick with it - whetehr that's Sims 2, WoW, the original Everquest or whatever.

Getting thos gamers to move to the Next Big Thing is extremely tough, so there's less incentive for developers to create PC games.

Jdoki3943d ago

I've always been a console and PC gamer, but I used to be one of those PC gaming rig obsessives. Always chasing the 'perfect' set up. Always trying to scrape another couple of frames per sec from overclocking. Always looking to the next upgrade.

I realised it was just dumb. I was tweaking my PC more than playing games!

What's hurting the PC market is a lack of a stable platform, and hardware moving at a furious pace.

Your average consumer wants something simple. They don't want to have to hunt down the latest drivers. They don't want to have to try and decipher specs off a box and try and relate that to the XPS PC they bought from Dell or whatever.

I think more people are realising that getting on the PC gaming treadmill is for chumps.

I know a few people who upgraded their PC's for Crysis and were extremely disappointed they couldn't run it at max. Anyone who is really in to gaming would know that there's no hardware on the planet that can run it at absolute max. But for an average person spending £750+ on a new PC they want to be able to play new games. Not only that but they want the games to look as good on their monitors as they do on the box screenshots - and that's rarely the case.

So I can understand why the PC market is shrinking - it's too expensive and too much hassle. Consoles are winning out because of simplicity and providing a stable platform where things 'just work'.

I hope PC gaming continues for a long time as it still provides some unique games unavailable on consoles - but I can only see things getting worse for the PC gaming industry and more devs looking towards consoles only.

Impact3943d ago

You said it perfectly. I'm a PC gamer but recently took the plunge into the consoles. I love how people keep saying "one more year and PC graphics will be better" it's been a fvcking year, hell it's been almost 2! and with games like Far Cry 2 coming on consoles it's pretty obvious graphics are becoming less and less of advantage PC's have over consoles.

TheMART3943d ago

Consoles are taking over, simple as that.

And it's not that strange. Because:

Last gen consoles (PS2, XBOX 1 and Dreamcast) had hardware that was already 'old' for the PC market.

Lets take the most powerfull of those 3, the XBOX 1

733 mhz Celeron CPU
Geforce 3 GPU
64 MB Ram

Still very impressive what it gave in graphics in for example Doom III, Fable 2 or Half Life 2 at the end of its life cycle. One needed a rather good PC at that time to get the same result in terms of graphics.

This gen things changed in a big way. Like really big.

When the 360 launched at the end of 2005, with the next hardware:

Triple core 3.2Ghz CPU
A special build GPU, comparable with nothing on the market at that time, it was ahead of the PC market, plus the extra die with 10MB ram I haven't seen it on a PC card around that time
512 MB Ram (doesn't seem much compared to a 1GB/2GB PC system, but seen it doesn't have an OS that eats memory, or all that other apps that run you don't notice, it's pretty good)

And ofcourse the PS3 also with its own specs, PC gaming is about to die. Even RTS when you attach a keyboard+mouse through XFPS on the 360, or straight on the PS3.

Before the PC had a great advantage in graphics. Now it's only that last extra when you buy the newest most expensive GPU. But still then. The differences have become very small not worth the extra cost, not worth the extra trouble in drivers, installing, patches and who knows what more

Richdad3942d ago

Yes you are right Xbox was made to get windows game to your TV screen but in the competition it itself blew away PC gaming itself and SONY followers which increased day by day also were PC gamers previously.
But I think still people are there who have the hardware for PC and Pc hardware is still coming down. Pc alliance might just boost the PC games and sales. Just to cite example Capcom released RE4, Lost planet on PC however these attmpts were bad but DMC4 for PC is a worthy attempt by capcom lets hope how PC gamers give it a chance.

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