13 reasons to be excited about 2013

by Fred Dutton – SCEE Blog Manager -

"Good morning all. Any sore heads out there? I do hope everyone enjoyed their celebrations. Of course, today sees the dawning of a brand new year, and one that is ripe with tantalising prospects for gamers.
So, before we properly kick off another year of PlayStation Blogging next week, it seemed like a good opportunity to look ahead and pick out a few of the most exciting releases on the horizon for both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita."

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Blastoise2301d ago

Those are some really boss games. So many awesome exclusives & multiplats in just one year

Aceman182301d ago

yup, and i plan on buying every single one of these games because i'm excited for all of them.

i better start saving up from now lol.

miyamoto2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Nobadody Does it Better!

Sony keeps on pumping and pumping the games while gamers keep on playing and fapping!

fap! fap! ooh yeah!

Thank you PlayStation!

More Free to Play Games Please

Ezz20132301d ago

can't think of any better list than this one

dontbhatin2301d ago

does anybody have a idea of when tearaway is planned to release? I cant seem to find any dates.

Y_51502301d ago

I've been wondering that too. It's my most anticipated Vita exclusive for next year.

DivineAssault 2301d ago

This year will be phenomenal! Tales of Xillia, dragons crown, warriors liar, etc arent even on there too! Also PS Plus games n discounts, possible PS4 reveal, & some unannounced titles im sure will be great too..

Im a very proud sony fan & this is exactly why.. Nintendo comes in second because they get some good exclusives here n there like rayman legends, bayonetta, & castlevania mirror of fate... The video game industry will be making a lot of money from me this year.. Cant wait for Castlevania LOS2 & MGS revengence as well! The joy!

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The story is too old to be commented.