The Wall Street Journal reviews Patapon - The Rhythm of War

The decline of the recording industry in recent years has some onlookers worried that music is losing ground as entertainment. But popular videogames such as Rock Band and the Guitar Hero series have become champions for tunes. While I enjoy tapping along with Black Sabbath as much as the next armchair virtuoso, it's still a simulation. I'm not actually making new music. So how do you create a game about music where the player really gets to generate his own beat? Sony's new role-playing adventure game, Patapon, for its PlayStation Portable device, may offer a fresh approach.

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pwnsause3981d ago

once you play the demo, you never go, back, sony is innovation.

ScentlessApprentice73981d ago

The idea of purchasing a PSP just continues to look more and more like an attractive choice.

God of War
Jeanne D'Arc
Final Fantasy Tactics
Syphon Filter

If you keep doing what your doing Sony, you might just see a PSP patron out of me one day. Talk about the little handheld that could.

EastCoastSB3981d ago

I may break out my PSP for this one.

Rice3981d ago

The demo was awesome same with GOW!!!