Epic ultrakills UTIII

The tail end of 2007 offered gamers a veritable ocean of first-person shooters in which to frolic in, not the least of which being Valve's The Orange Box, Crytek's Crysis, and 2K Boston/Australia's BioShock. While it would have in all likelihood dominated the competition in most any other year, one title to barely surface among the flotsam and jetsam was Gears of War developer Epic Games' Unreal Tournament III.

In a Game Developers Conference session earlier today titled "ULTRAKILL! An Unreal Tournament III Postmortem," Epic Games president Mike Capps alongside UTIII senior producer Jeff Morris addressed the game's fortunes in what they called the "FPS Christmas of All Time."

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OC Shock Value3889d ago

I have this game.. Ever since the first Unreal Tournament.. This has been my all time Fav shooter franchise.. Just barely beating out the Halo series

miked8083889d ago

I have all of those shooters mentioned in the article and Unreal is no doubt the least fun for me.

DJ3889d ago

I thought that was a surprising figure. The multiplayer is fun, but the story mode technically didn't exist. It was just the multiplayer maps with narratives strung in between.

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