In-depth Review: Fighting Vipers - Electronic Theatre

The second of three of SEGA’s Model 2 arcade beat-‘em-ups released in the 90’s that have recently found a home on modern console digital distribution services, Fighting Vipers is perhaps one of SEGA’s least popular intellectual properties (IP). Not in terms of fandom, but in that of wider acknowledgement, as while the videogame has a strong cult following it pales in comparison to the recently released Virtua Fighter 2 when it comes to mainstream awareness. That however, is more of a strength than a weakness, as it allows Fighting Vipers to be a much less traditional beat-‘em-up affair.

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Dark_Overlord2306d ago

I want Sega to hurry up and release Fighters Megamix on the PSN :)

Information Minister2306d ago

Along with Sega Rally and Guardian Heroes while they're at it.