GDC 2008: Sex in Videogames

A talk with Brenda Brathwaite.

Brenda Brathwaite, a female game designer (yes they do exist!), is considered by many to be an expert when it comes to sexual content in games. Some of her more recent games include: "Playboy: the Mansion" and "Def Jam: Icon". Did we mention that she wrote a book called "Sex in Video Games"? Some people pin Brathwaite as an advocate for sex in videogames, but this isn't exactly the truth. Just like in any other medium: movie, book etc… she believes sex thrown in for the sake of sex's sake is pointless and unnecessary.

IGN had the opportunity to attend "Hentai, Hardcore and Hotties" a GDC roundtable event about sex in games, hosted by Brenda Brathwaite. Following the round table IGN was able to conduct an interview with her over some hot coffee.

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Theo11303987d ago

That why she explores it in games, mass effect ending at 11 Pm at night

myxomatosis3987d ago

... anyone lame enough to post that kind of comment about some one discussing an interesting topic just because she isnt particularly attractive is obviously some one who isn't too experienced with sex.

its ok, theo1130, you will get to have sex when your older; so grow up.

GETPWNED3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )


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Mr Playboy3987d ago

Rough sex will do the trick :P

Kirstenlottesovs3987d ago

"over some hot coffee" -hilarious! (GTASA anyone)?

The Milkman3987d ago

I dont realy care if they add sex in the game or not. Now back in the day when I was less mature, hell yea I want to see 3d tits and ass. But now it doesnt matter I would only like it for the atmosphere of the game. I like to see gore, blood, and good physics more than anything now.

If Gears Of War wasnt a slaughter fest online, it wouldnt be nearly as entertaining. Just not a game made for young audience. If sex fits the atmosphere of the game being developed so be it. But be expecting complaining from parents, because only movies are supposed to be allowed to have sex scenes (sarcasm).

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