Colin McRae: Dirt delivers new screens

Three more luscious action-packed Colin McRae: Dirt screens have been released, courtesy of Codemasters. The developers promises us a real turning point in the history of Colin McRae racing games -- an incarnation for the next-gen consoles that support online mode, 100 pilots apart from multiplayer mode, adrenaline-packed events, and obviously, more dirt. The game, as we've mentioned before, comes out in Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms.

achira6356d ago

the pictures are nice but we know the truth will be different.

sa739176356d ago

Thanks for the link Kingboy.. BTW if you go to QJ.net, click on one of the pics, the click the little blue 'full screen' icon below the image you'll get much larger jpgs than the ones you've attached to the article..

Not quite as impressive as the original images they released but I guess it is work in progress..

Look forward to seeing it moving in the future!

Gamer136356d ago

And everyone nows it, ill wait for ingame trailer before i can say wether it a killer rally or not.

Deceased6356d ago

This is going to blow Motorstorm away.


Codemasters Racing Titles 75% Off on Steam

Steam has slashed 75% off of several Codemasters' racing titles including GRID, FUEL, DiRT, DiRT 2 and ToCA Race Driver 3 along with a bundle containing all five titles as part of its weekend deal promotion.

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fastrez5054d ago

Great news! This is really generous of Codies. And great games as well :)

Letros5053d ago

incredible deal, time to bust out the G27 again!


D+PAD Magazine: Colin McRae: DiRT 2 Review

The first DiRT title was released just before McRae's horribly premature passing, and saw Codemasters essentially rip everything up and start again, giving the franchise a face-lift fit for the next-generation. It highlighted the tone of a series moving increasingly further from the realistic, 'pure' brand of rallying in the earlier games to a more arcade-orientated, thrill-seeking approach. Whether seduced by the bright-lights of, for example, Project Gotham Racing, or whether Codemasters were just seeking change for the sake of change lest creative stagnation take hold, DiRT 2 (yes the strange lower case 'I' is intentional) represents the consolidation of this new approach.

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YourEMGN: Colin McRae: Dirt 2 | Preview

Colin McRae: Dirt 2 (Dirt 2 outside of Europe) is a racing game scheduled to be released in September 2009, and is the sequel to Colin McRae: Dirt. This is the first game in the McRae series after Colin's death. It was announced on 19 November 2008 and will feature the late Colin McRae as well as Ken Block and Travis Pastrana.

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Madusha5292d ago

The graphics look amazing.