New Nvidia Series Catering To The Great Unwashed

Kotaku: The usual strategy for releasing new graphics cards is as follows: company releases ridiculously expensive graphics card, few can afford it, then as its technology ages it gets cheaper and trickles down to the lower ends of the market. Nvidia's strategy for its new GeForce 9600 GT is a little different: it's being pitched directly into the massmarket.

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INehalemEXI3891d ago

I will put my 2 8800 GTS back in sli and get one of these for my lady if they are so inexpensive.

JDW3891d ago

Making PC gaming more affordable is a great idea.

Hopefully developers will begin to make games that allow the hardware time to catch up a little.

NRG3891d ago

This is the mid-range card. The mid-range cards in any generation have always been affordable. The only thing different here is nVidia is releasing them before their high-end cards.