GDC 2009: Dates and location revealed

If you enjoyed this year's Game Developers Conference and are looking forward to GDC 2009, then you might be interested in finding out when and where it will be held.

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TrevorPhillips3892d ago

man this gdc09 better show good games and latest tech for xbox 360, ps3 and wii.

ElementX3892d ago

I thought GDC wasn't open to the public, why would anyone care where it's being held? I could be wrong, though

TrevorPhillips3892d ago

yeh i know i mean why would they announce gdc09 a day after gdc08 ended ?

Iamback3892d ago

It was waste of my time.

xaphanze3892d ago

If its like this year's GDC, then I wont be caring much.

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