Adam Sessler:Predictions for 2013

Rev3:The new year is almost upon us, so this week Adam stares into the crystal ball and brings you his predictions for 2013. Next-gen consoles? Check. Too many Q1 games? Check. Summer dry spell? Check. New Zelda game? PLEASE NINTENDO GIVE IT TO US.

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nrvalleytime2142d ago

Sizzling Sessler summary, as usual. Keep up the good work sir.

IAMERROR2142d ago

Wow he looks better bald

OT:Pretty much what I think, can't wait!

Bolts2142d ago

I was never a fan of Sess until now that he's on Youtube where his opinions are a lot more real and less canned.

RyuX192142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

Same here, I never liked X-Play (I was more of Reviews on the Run/ Judgement Day fan), but he is great on Rev3.

3-4-52142d ago

I thought X-play was too forced but I didn't dislike him because of it. It's always nice to get to hear what people actually think though.

Ethereal2142d ago

Love this guy. He really knows his shit and I agree on pretty much everything he says.

trouble_bubble2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

Q1 is too crazy. Agree with him on that.

Disagree where he jabs that only Mass Effect sells for EA. Mass Effect has never even broken 3 million a pop on any given platform .

Battlefield 3 estimates alone are more on PS3/360 combined than -every- Mass Effect combined ever. What's up Sess??? FIFA. 'nuff said.

Ethereal2142d ago

I think he means outside of sports games and shooters, as they have mass appeal.

Plagasx2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

I'm so happy that Adam as an individual gets to fully be heard and not be limited like he was on television media.

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