IGN: Need for Speed ProStreet PSP Review

EA's Need for Speed ProStreet, the latest title in its yearly racing franchise, hit most every platform in existence last year, sans the PlayStation Portable. The PSP game took a little longer to get off the starting line, but it's finally on the track with a fresh set of tires.

Like the PSP incarnations of the games before it, Need for Speed ProStreet on the portable has its roots tied into the console game, but its execution is necessarily different. Given that the console games were heavy on customization features that couldn't be transferred directly over to the system, like the AutoSculpt stuff, the focus of the other titles was lost a bit here. While the other versions were all about tuning your car and customizing it to no end, the PSP version of ProStreet feels generic in a number of ways, with a series of questionable design decisions.

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hotrider123889d ago

who in their right mind want to buy this crappy a$$ game for any system??