Crimson Shroud Review |

GAMINGtruth's own Cliff Bakehorn III delivers the verdict on Level-5's newly released J-RPG on Nintendo's eShop for the 3DS:

"Ultimately, though I feel like Crimson Shroud is indeed one of the eShop’s better downloads; its difficult learning curve and hardcore pen-and-paper theme might be a deterrent for those looking for a traditional turn-based role playing games.

If you aren’t worried about reading a lot of dialogue or relying on dice rolls to determine a certain degree of your success, you should actually find a lot to like about Crimson Shroud. Not only does it end a particularly strong year for the Nintendo eShop (in terms of its high-quality releases), it also serves as the cherry on top of the Guild01 franchise, and definitely the defining part of Level-5′s mini-series."

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Deeke2299d ago

Crimson Shroud looks like one of the better eShop downloads--I always love J-RPGs that make use of innovative battle sequences.

Cam_is_16bit2299d ago

Thanks for the review, Cliff!

klecser2299d ago

Crimson Shroud is a minimalist homage to tabletop RPGs and it does it pretty well. The graphics are pretty bad...and that's great. Its a text driven adventure and it about the number mining.