The Sony PS4: Less Dazzle, More Social

It’s showtime in the video-game industry again. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are getting ready to unveil their next-generation consoles, the machines that will be at the heart of their strategies for years to come. Nintendo made the first play, with the release this past November of the Wii U, its first system to support high-definition graphics as well as a touch-pad controller. Microsoft has yet to announce the successor to its popular Xbox 360, though a new console—rumored to be called the Xbox 720—is expected this year.

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EddieNX 3095d ago

Wiiu and PS4 4lyfe .....

doogiebear3095d ago

PS4 yeah. Wii U? LOL.

The "U" in Wii U stands for "Underwhelming".

EddieNX 3095d ago

It stands for Ultimate and you know it son.

Its awesome anyway as I sit here with my 8th gen console.

Pikmin 3 , Monster Hunter Ultimate , Bayonetta 2 , Wonderfull 101 , Lego city , NSMBU , ZombiU , Nintendo land , Smash bros U , etc etc.

All that and a ps4. I win . you lose.

doogiebear3095d ago

There is ZERO evidence for the kind of speculation that the above title is trying to indicate.

Muerte24943095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

at the time when ps3 was being developed. CELL and Blu-ray were the reason ps3's price point was so high. Some may even argue that in the end, they both actually help Sony. Sony has ensured that there are at least 70 million people with blu-ray players out there.
The part in the article where he says that people having trouble porting PC games over to ps3 only need to look at Battlefield 3. PS3 version looked closer to the PC version as opposed the the 360 which has similar architecture to that of a PC.
Then he makes a point about indie developers not making games for psn. Then you only have to look at Journey. ThatGamingCompany reached out to Santa Monica Studios for help to get this on psn and ended up with a masterpiece. Sony also held CELL programming workshops at past GDC events. DICE even held there own SPU programming workshop a couple of years back. All his arguments can be easily countered.

Valve said that the ps3 was a piece of garbage. But in the end they ended up making Portal 2 it's lead platform. Just goes to show you if enough people buy it, that's a market that companies wont just ignore (with the exception of the WIi).

mandf3095d ago

dazzle is video games, social is facebook. I bought the system for video games.

Young_ART3095d ago

acually is dazzle is downloadable content, and social is cross game chat / in game messaging

Muerte24943095d ago

...than ps3 to some extent. But ps3 manage to sell 70million in a smaller time frame. While having a social aspect to your console is a plus, it will never outweigh games. If you just want something to be social, buy a tablet or a smartphone. As gamers we want GAMES, and everything else is just an added plus.

Y_51503095d ago

PShome is one of the best social gaming things I have ever seen.

Conzul3095d ago

Or, Gee, how about more of both...there's an idea.

Justinakach0ppa3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Sick of this social/always connected/compete against others 24/7 stuff, single player games suffer due to companies wanting to milk online and I can see the next gen becoming a massive free to play, money milking, dlc fest with facebook/twitter/100 other ways to show the world how big your balls are and the sad thing is the little sheep will flock to it the same way they buy the new iPhone etc.

What happened to just making great games? Sure have multiplayer but don't make it your main focus, divide your time equally and innovate with good stories, great audio, great visuals, solid gameplay, better ai etc.

Thank goodness some developers out there still love gaming and are not all scammers like the war z devs who just want all your money and to take advantage of the simpletons.

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