Xbox 720 News: Xbox Tablet And Smartphone Could Create A Microsoft Gaming Ecosystem

Microsoft is widely expected to release the next generation Xbox console by the end of 2013, but reports are indicating that won't be the only gaming device the Windows maker could be launching next year. From the looks of it, Microsoft is looking to create its own self-contained gaming ecosystem, complete with a tablet and a phone that would coexist with the Xbox 720.

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Gr813096d ago

If the next box will be what fans expect. From the many rumors one thing remains consistent, and that is that M$ wants the Xbox brand to branch out of 'gaming only' and make it more broad in its appeal.

Wouldn't be surprised if Sony did the same tbh.

tdogchristy903096d ago

Well to be honest with both companies these machines are currently and will be even more than just a "games only" machine. They are and should be multimedia devices with movies, enternet, and music. It's just the world we live in. And I enjoy that, what I have a issue with are the gimmicks. The tablets, motion controls ect. Give my standard control and I'll be fine.

Gr813096d ago

Move, Kinect and Smart Glass are all quite lame.

Rush3096d ago

Move and Kinect I couldn't care less about, but why is Smart Glass lame it's just an easy way of controlling some Microsoft apps with a touch screen if you so wish.

It's entirely optional and far better then using the controller at least when using the Xbox browser.

BattleAxe3095d ago

"Xbox Tablet And Smartphone Could Create A Microsoft Gaming Ecosystem"

You mean just like Sony?

ALLWRONG3095d ago

You can use tablets and smartphones with the PS3? Wow! here I was thinking you could only use controllers, Move, Wonderbook, and Eye.

rainslacker3095d ago


This article is about MS. I'm a Sony fan, but it isn't necessary to compare everything in the gaming world against another competitor.

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DeadlyFire3096d ago

Gaming portable/Tablet + Smartphone. Sounds more than reasonable to branch into those environments.

Considering the hold Microsoft has on NVIDIA since they announced ARM CPU development I expect NVIDIA to be providing the CPUs for Microsoft's Portable/Tablet and maybe Smartphones. :P

Graphics might not be transferable to them so to speak, but if you consider Agawi. They could technically play with the same graphics using Cloud technology.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

They also want tablet menus on everything. And windows 8 is selling worse than the horrible windows vista.

Gabe Newell: 'Trying to copy Apple will accelerate Microsoft's decline'.

seems he was right!

Bigpappy3095d ago

The reasons Win8 is not selling as fast, is because Win7 was just released, and is the windows people are familiar with. The reason why many people don't use Ipad as a laptop, is because the interface is not suited for serious work.

Windows 8 can work like win7. The big difference is that the start button has been replaced with a start screen, and that start screen was designed to work with touch screen. When the PC manufactures have more affordable hybrid options, Win 8 will become more attractive to prospective buyers. Once they get the hang of using apps, they will understand the need for Win 8.

ThanatosDMC3095d ago

^Nope, the reason Win8 is not selling is because it's not as stable as the current Win7. Not to mention those damn black screens you get after playing a game. It's just black and the only way to get out is to hard restart your computer. Hopefully, they patch it out on an update but right now, some games from Steam do not close properly unless you have it on Windowed mode.

Sp1d3ynut3095d ago

"Nope, the reason Win8 is not selling is because it's not as stable as the current Win7"

Wow, really? OS software that was just released 2 months ago, isn't as stable as the previous version released over 3 years ago? Shocking....

ALLWRONG3095d ago

"Wow, really? OS software that was just released 2 months ago, isn't as stable as the previous version released over 3 years ago?"

You sir! have a bubble.

princejb1343095d ago

idk the reason i haven't updated to windows 8 is cause i hate the tiles
they look so boring
maybe it's a faster OS but it is still unattractive to look at

rainslacker3095d ago

My only complaint about Win 8 is the start screen, and no option for a start menu that worked like the old one. I find the start screen extremely annoying to keep organized, and instead of having all my apps in one convenient folder organized place (start menu), I have to go where all my plentiful icons (Visual Studio installed close to 50 icons on the start screen alone) and search for them, or spend more time than I'd like organizing them. More often than not it's just faster to open explorer and find the folder it's in on the disc, and I'm finding I have a lot more icons on the desktop than I'd like, as I hate clutter.

I have found Windows 8, just using the consumer preview build to be pretty stable for me. Never once had it crash, and I can keep it running for weeks at a time. It also goes into power save mode and wakes up pretty quick, and works very well on my 6 year old laptop which came with Vista. It also boots faster, and it appears that application switching is faster, along with a lower memory usage.

Right now the only thing keeping me from buying a full version is the lack of a start menu. Eventually I'll get back around to reinstalling Windows 7.

nukeitall3095d ago


"They also want tablet menus on everything. And windows 8 is selling worse than the horrible windows vista."

Yet, the horrible Windows Vista turned out to be a success and the follow up, Windows 7 turned out to be even a bigger success.

That said, the OS is pretty much matured at this point meaning most people aren't as interested in upgrading as even Windows XP is more than sufficient for the vast majority of people. That is why, even hardware makers are struggling and had declining sales yoy too.

Bottom line, major growth is in the smart phone/tablet category and MS made the right move.

Let's have this discussion 1-2 years from now when we get a more complete picture.

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Blackdeath_6633095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

well if both companies branch out then they will have to compete with each other constantly however if one branches out while the other focuses on core gaming and gamers then it can potentially dominate that field and push the other out but who will make the first move and what way? not as straight forward as you'd like to think see. personally i am not faithful to neither ms or sony which ever one provides a better content/experience for me is the one i will follow. with the introduction of steambox things can get pretty congested for consoles and content might not be as strong so it is likely that i will opt for pc gaming next gen

Godz Kastro3095d ago

Why do you want someone pushed out? Can these companies co exist and offer different views of the same industry... Sheesh, pushed out! As if there were not families and real people behind these companies with careers and lively hoods at stake...

Don't you know competition is what drives these companies to innovate and compete?

doogiebear3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

With the current people heading Sony, they will ALWAYS stay mindful of the hardcore. Even if they integrate social/media/apps stuff, they will stay hardcore because it's a much desired niche that isn't being fulfilled with MS or Nintendo.

So Sony knows that by being the main source for hardcore AND independent gaming support (on consoles), they will never have to worry about alienating their current fan base.

Remember, SONY and MS are almost tied at about 70 Million consoles sold EACH worldwide. But MS has transformed (casual focused) so much in the last 3 years that many of it's early customers might just leave and go to Sony next gen. However, Sony stands in a position to keep all of their 70 million customers because they've never wavered at providing the niche that ps gamers want--which is a hardcore gaming focused console (with apps still being present, but at a secondary level).

In the end, MS has no more apps/media functions than Sony does. Plus Sony doesn't charge you an online fee just to use those apps. Finally, Sony is in a position to have STRONGER 1st party apps that support them financially (crackle, music unlimited, Sony movies studios). While MS only has 3rd party apps (which ps3/4 has or will have too) that wont make a dime for MS directly.

This is only the first time Sony wasn't on top in a generation. Yet they caught up in sales in only 3 years. At that rate, I think it's safe to say that Sony is coming for the top spot again. And integration of every Sony subsidiary into the PS brand is what will make it the ultimate media device BY DEFAULT. Without the PS division itself needing to focus on apps. The rest of Sony already has those covered. PS division is free to focus on hardcore gaming experiences.

DonnieDarko3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

If Xbox gamers are just casual gamers playing kinectimals how come pretty much all multiplat games sell better on 360? Kind of confirms ms has more or at least the same amount of core gamers. Also confirms that there are more 360's active than Sony fanboys will have you believe - As they always suggest half of ms sales are replacement units.

When the wii u bombs it will make sony and ms realise
Never to bite the hand that feeds them - never neglect your bread and butter day one buyers of all things gaming - your hardcore gamers.

RuleofOne343 3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Been with Xblive since year 5 thru crash ,hacks ,breach's, limited IPS, outages ,price increase.
Don't see my self going anywhere even if they fall.

CaptainN3095d ago

Move, Wonderbook and Vita crossplay all say your wrong !

Swiftcricket3095d ago

Actually Sony has already been working on doing something similar to this. They talked a lot about allowing their TVs, tablets, phones, Vita and PS3 to work together at CES this past January. I'm not personally a big fan of the whole tablet and motion control craze but whatever works for them I guess. Need them both here for competition so I wish them both well.

morkendo233095d ago

"MICROSOFT is looking to create its own self-contained gaming ecosystem,complete with TABLET"

and they said we WONT!! copy NINTENDO.

not surprised.........ok sony your up to bat next.

showtimefolks3095d ago

Arius Dion

sony tried with move and it sold well enought but i think they understand their bread and butter is core gaming market.

MS i believe is in a rude awakening when they release the next xbox, after 2010 they totally abandoned us for kinect/casual market and since they haven't shown a lot geared towards core gamer.

ms is too interested in the whole xbox is the middle of your living room device that can do it all but they are forgetting one major thing before and after everything else xbox is a gaming system.

also before the WII where was this casual market? and what is the guarantee that with next xbox the same crowd will looking for kinect2? in gaming business you should always target your core base more than anything else, and MS did that till 2010. Watch their E3 before 2010 and they always spoke about being there for core gamers to all of the sudden dance central on E3 stage??

the only system i am interested in is ps4, with family,work,kids i barely have time for games anymore. So MS is loosing one day one consumer. even ps4 may not be day one for me unless there is Uncharted 4,Killzone4 and GT6. I will settle for 2 out of those 3 at launch

with all these so called rumored articles/leaks can't wait to actually find out the specs along with launch lineups for ps4/xbox720

time will tell who is going after core base and who cares about being less of a gaming console and more of a media box

Raoh3095d ago

"From the many rumors one thing remains consistent, and that is that M$ wants the Xbox brand to branch out of 'gaming only' and make it more broad in its appeal.

Wouldn't be surprised if Sony did the same tbh."

LOL, Sony has been in the living room for years. From speakers to receivers to television, radio, playstation, playstation 2 that helped pushed cheap dvd players in to homes, ps3's that pushed blu ray into homes, had people not screwed with security, a low level pc running linux could have been more of a standard on gaming consoles, accessing the web and online content from your gaming console in your living room, online blu ray media, ability to copy your photos and movies to a gaming console in the living room to use as a way to share your media on a bigger screen and online, video recording software that you can use from your couch.

The first ps3 was slammed for being too much like an all in one living room device and not gaming enough.

But now MS is creating this NEW idea to move into the living room space and sony is probably going to copy microsoft?


Crazy Town Banana Pants.

Dms20123095d ago

Pretty much how phones branched out from "phone calls only", makes sense. I can scarcely imagine a cell phone with only a few features nowadays.

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badkolo3096d ago

smart glass is a free app, so why complain how uselfull or not it is, its not bad for what it is and its free, move and kinect cost money and were pushed as the next big thing, so that is understandable to have a little hate towrds them

EddieNX 3096d ago

I just don't Like Microsoft lol.

This fight is between Sony and Nintendo.......

Daoshai3096d ago

Grow up please. I hope fanboys are gone next gen, but that's probably a pipe dream.

EddieNX 3096d ago

As long as Nintendo and Sony are still here. So are the fans.

ThanatosDMC3095d ago

Well, next gen Valve might also be in the fight. I'm looking for what specs the Steam box will have... but if it's weaker than my gaming laptop then that's just sad.

sandman2243096d ago

The smart glass and mobile connectivity are a nice add on, but what I truly want is a game that will awe me. Like when I first played gears of war. Then I realized that the console was a powerhouse. I wonder if the next Xbox has a game that will impress everyone like gears of war did?

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