Pokemon Series Announcement Coming On January 8

"The Pokemon series is definitely one of the most successful series: with many mainline games, spin off, anime series, movies, trading cards game and a lot more, the series is probably one of Nintendo’s most famous franchises, almost on the same level as Super Mario and The Legend Of Zelda."

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SkyCrawler2299d ago

MMO...god please be an MMO!!

Young_ART2299d ago

would be pretty awesome if they did a spinoff game. Perhaps an online multiplayer game, from a first person perspective. It'd attract new fans to the pokemon world

MattyG2299d ago

Pokemon MMO on WiiU? No by all means Nintendo, take all my money. I see you only took $60, I meant take ALL OF IT.

krontaar2299d ago

Shit like this is why im so glad gamefreak doesnt listen to it's fans.

CanadianTurtle2299d ago

Pokemon is awesome!

Or at least that's what I would say 8 years ago.

exfatal2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

god i dont wanna get my hopes up. If its a main pokemon game for the Wii U i would love that.. but i also doubt that highly.. most likely be a new series release for the 3ds. with updated graphics, like legit graphics away from sprites. and probably wii u will release a pokemon staduim type game or even.. a online multiplayer co-op thing with the 3ds.