Examiner: Review - Far Cry 3 As one of the last ambitious games of 2012, Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3 arrived just in time to say “hey, don’t forget there’s one more bitchin’ game to play this year!”

And bitchin’ it is!

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jjb19812300d ago

I'm lovin this game so far! It's awesome to be sneaking up on guys with a silent crossbow only to turn around and see a tiger running right at you, then having to throw a Molotov into the grass to create a getaway barrier! Awesome!

urwifeminder2300d ago

I have only played an hour of the singleplayer but i love the co op and multiplayer i just cant be botherd tackling singleplayer games anymore.

Ramon3MR2300d ago

I really do enjoy how Jason's character evolves during the course of the story.