GDC: IGN's Warhawk: Operation: Broken Mirror Hands-on

At GDC 2008, IGN were able to talk to Dylan Jobe via PlayStation Eye video chat, and also get a chance to run through the upcoming version 1.3 and Operation: Broken Mirror booster pack. Dylan pointed out that the key elements from his initial PlayStation Blog have been implemented. That means that new paint schemes and insignias from the Warhawk contest have been fully integrated into the game, along with a host of VOIP changes for players headed up by the ability to toggle between push to talk and open mic settings. Home integration has been coming along as well, so players will be able to pull out their virtual PSP and immediately create and launch into a game of Warhawk. Speaking of Home, Jobe mentioned that they would love to support trophies within Home, although if they are integrated into the game, he would like to see possible new trophies for Warhawk players aside from the standard rankings and rewards that players currently receive.

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Siesser3889d ago

Yeah, the idea of a mobile spawn point sounds kind of cool. One of those plus a dropship; that's what, 13 troops? Dropship carrying a jeep; you could relocate your entire team in two movements. Or lose them all, I guess. I was wondering how they'd address the new weapons, and double tapping seems like a logical fix. Two mine types, two melee types, and this opens up all kinds of room for the other weapon varieties.

C_SoL3889d ago

..I wonder what the APC looks like?

gamesR4fun3889d ago

cant wait new map new vehicle should b very cool

Sevir043889d ago

thats hot. i so want that this update and booster pack.. but man I haven't been online for awhile. way to keep warhawks longevity going. Yay Ingocnito

Omegasyde3889d ago

I hope that they start putting out more than 1 map at a time however. I know they have 5 mini maps in them, but if they could release 5 at a time that would be awesome.

Vehicles are a bonus, but I would much rather have more battle grounds to fight on.

Skerj3889d ago

Ok so uh that APC sounds awesome as hell but super freaking powerful, I'm sure they've balanced it enough to make it effective in the right hands but still vulnerable.

crck3889d ago

Warhawk is definitely the most fun I've had online this generation and it only seems to get better.

games4fun3889d ago

APC seems like a very powerful vehicle especially with its own shield

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The story is too old to be commented.