A message from next December

Andy Astruc comes from the future and gives us all the details on where gaming will be at in a year. Also, lottery numbers.

Check it out: "Greetings, citizen of the past! I trust you’re enjoying the holiday break, with all the fat and ethyl alcohol consumption that entails. I’m speaking to you from the future, thanks to a pinhole in the quantum wobblies of the time blanket. It is December, 2013. Computers are now sewn into people’s foreheads, and contact information is exchanged via headbutt. The United States of America passed strict gun control laws – remote-controlled guns still terrorise much of the east coast. Everyone wears clothing made of foam. Flying cars still don’t exist. Yeah, I know."

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morkendo232304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

GREAT SCOTT! MARTY, just got back from 2014 FORGOT TO INVENT FLYING MACHINE in 1985. in the Future no need for cash. who need cash when you have AUTO-BANKING chip.