Ginx-Preview:Splinter Cell: Blacklist

GX:Splinter Cell is back. A group of terrorists from 12 nations have had enough of America’s military presence in two thirds of the world, and have given America an ultimatum. To withdraw, or face what they have called ‘The Blacklist.’ A series of escalating attacks on U.S interests. The president has already shut down Third Echelon and all other clandestine operations to appease the terrorists. At least that’s what they think. Step in Sam Fisher, the leader of Fourth Echelon; A new top secret unit answering directly to the president. Their mission is simple. Stop the terrorists at all costs. Splinter Cell Conviction set a new direction for the series in 2010, moving away from the hardcore stealth action that had helped it define a genre, and gain a devoted fan base. Blacklist is continuing on this path, but is this simply Ubisoft trying to replicate the success of Assassin's Creed with a different character? Or does it do enough to keep the series devoted following happy. Here’s ou...

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FreshRevenge2300d ago

This was lame and provided nothing new and it was pointless!

jaymart2k2300d ago

Bad preview with old info

New Info gathered from UBISoft interviews/videos

All Levels can be stealth (Airstike optional)
Plenty of night levels
Replealing returns
Light meter on back returns
Set of none-lethal take downs
Carrying Bodies returns
Dogs can smell your scent
Air-ducks/Vents returns
Spies v.s Merc returns
Sticky Shocker returns
Co-Op returns