'Halo 4', 'Black Ops II' and Xbox LIVE Gold Card go on sale at Amazon this week

XMNR: Amazon updated its game deals for the week of Sunday, Dec. 30 with new offers for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo 3DS and PC. This includes deals on "Halo 4", "The Amazing Spider-Man", "Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask" and more. The 12-Month Xbox LIVE Gold Card is featured as well.

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tdogchristy902302d ago

Is dishonored worth the $40 or should I wait for it to go to 30?

christheredhead2302d ago

If you are already thinking about picking it up then I would recommend it. You'll get a lot of enjoyment out of the game for 40. Its got awesome stealth action with non liner/semi open level design. Can't go wrong with that.

The replay value is fairly high as well, something to keep in mind. There are multiple choices, paths, upgrades and general ways to approach the game. Should keep you busy for a while.

vickers5002302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

Depends on what you're expecting from it. If you're going to try to play the game with a no-kill/no-alerts playthrough, it's probably going to frustrate you.

The moral choice system in this game is probably the first one I've ever really found annoying, and the story to the game is forgettable. I was one of the people who was really excited for this game, but I bought it at $30 on Black Friday, and I'm glad I waited for that price.

Don't get me wrong, it's still a good game, I just hated the moral choice system in this one. Example: I went through the game killing a lot of guards, and maybe doing two major story assasinations, but the rest of the game I helped every innocent and did every non-lethal option available. At the beginning of the very last level, it seems the game added up all my bad and didn't account for any of the good, and just unleashed a sh*tstorm of moral judgement all at once. The guy that saves your life and is pretty much your only friend in the game, all of a sudden gets pissed off at you, says you're no better than the enemy, blah blah, and then sends up a flare to let the enemies know you're coming as kind of a f*ck you, keep in mind that up until this point, he shared none of this concern with you, no "you're starting to turn into them, corvo", nope, he talks as if he's on your side the up until the end where his anger just comes out of nowhere. I mean I understand why he thinks I'm evil, but the writers/devs could have incrementally worked in that judgement rather than throw it at your face all at once like they'd just finished tallying up a score card, where the two outcomes are "puppy killer" or "saint". So all of the good deeds I did were not even recognized in the slightest.

That's probably the big annoyance of the game for me. If you can look past that, and if you don't care about the outcome or getting those nokills/noalerts trophies, then you'll have a great time with it.

optimus2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

He should thank you for ruining a pivotal part of the could have summarized and gotten your point across without going into detail...

Saint's row 3 the complete package seems like a good deal, especially since I never played it.

vickers5002301d ago

Which part did I ruin? Because most if not all of what I said in my comment does not really affect the main story or the outcome.

optimus2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

Uh, hellooo... " the beginning of the LAST level...the guy that SAVES YOUR LIFE..."... And you go on about what he did and what he said...not to mention ...he's pretty much your only friend in the game."... For someone who is contemplating buying the game you ruined the experience as he now knows when and how the "betrayal" will happen....
most people actually write SPOILER ALERT before giving away details in a game... Go read a review of this or any game and see if the writer manages to talk about the game without giving away details within the game...i haven't played the game but because of you i won't be buying or playing it any time soon.

vickers5002301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

"Uh, hellooo... " the beginning of the LAST level...the guy that SAVES YOUR LIFE..."."

Except that wasn't what I said, I didn't say he saves your life in the end, I said that he HAD saved your life, and it's in the first 20 minutes of the game that he does so.

"And you go on about what he did and what he said...not to mention ...he's pretty much your only friend in the game."

That's only part of the game though, a small piece of dialogue that doesn't REALLY affect the story. And it's a big flaw of the game that I thought was worth mentioning so he might be able to save some money if he hated the game.

"you ruined the experience as he now knows when and how the "betrayal" will happen...."

Except the part I referenced wasn't really a betrayal, it was more of a "F*** you". Samuel being mad at you for being a bad person and basically saying "go f yourself" is not pivotal or important.

"i haven't played the game but because of you i won't be buying or playing it any time soon."

*sigh* Okay, don't let that affect your decision, because it's really NOT THAT BIG OF A SPOILER. The guy doesn't really "betray" you, he just talks about what an ass you are IF YOU CHOOSE THE EVIL PATH and sends up a flare to let the guards know you're there, and it's not even a cutscene, it's just a minor inconvenience in gameplay, something which you should EXPECT in a game with a moral choice system. In terms of samuel saving your life, I was talking about IN THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE GAME. It happens within like the first 20 minutes of the game, and it's not really surprising or shocking, it's not story ruining.

optimus2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

...AND you did it AGAIN!! If you actually read your 1st comment at no point in time did you say he HAD saved your life and that it was 20 min in the game. You went into detail AFTER you clearly said ..."at the beginning of the last level..."... Furthermore by you explaining what you said you continue to spoil it by saying what happens and when...
It doesn't matter if it doesn't affect the story or not, for some people it could have been quite a surprise to have him judge you and do what he's like going to see a new superman movie and someone says "...the guy that sold him a hotdog caused him to lose his heat vision for awhile." does that give away the ending? No, but it ruined that scene for people that want to see it...

Just because you don't think it's a spoiler doesn't mean it isn't... I could easily say the opening of gta5 is hilarious and amazing and people know they are in for a treat. But if i said what happens in the open, big or small, than i ruined it for those looking forward to it...

Same with game trailers, they mostly show you gameplay of the game and not divulge when, where, and who might turn on you because it will be giving away something. I tend to avoid trailers leading up to a release of a game because i want to be COMPLETELY surprised.

vickers5002300d ago

If you look at my comment again, you'll notice I didn't say he saved your life at the end of the level, I simply used "the guy that saved your life" as an adjective to describe the guy, I should have just used samuel, but even still, my comment about "the guy that saved your life" and my comment about "at the beginning of the last level" are in two different sentences. You misinterpreted what I wrote.

In any case, I'm sorry I spoiled a minor part of the game for you. I kind of assume that those who put themselves on a "media blackout" of a game would avoid anything related to the game, including someones response to whether or not they should get it. I guess that's not always the case.

I apologize.

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isyourhouseonfire2302d ago

Dishonored is one of those games that got a HUGE push from reviews that were paid for. Once those positive reviews came in then EVERYONE started giving positive reviews.

The game is probably only worth $20, from my experience playing it. Most importantly, you'll probably be disappointed because the real game does not compare to the reviews for it.

6yo2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

paid 25£ forr new copy in westfield game shop
worth 20£ but not 25£

lfclee2301d ago

Sales everywhere! Great for everyone.