GDC08: Another new Fable 2 feature reveal coming today

Richard Mitchell writes, "We're currently sitting in a Fable 2 session at GDC entitled "The Big Three Features Revealed." Imagine our surprise when we saw the slide above (we'll excuse the missing apostrophe for now). Looks like Peter Molyneux might be revealling something we haven't heard about yet. Stay tuned."


Xbox360fanboy has updated the fourth big feature info saying, "After a slide hinted that a fourth, unnamed feature was set to be revealed by Peter Molyneux during a Fable 2 session at GDC today, we're left high and dry as the feature wasn't mentioned at all during the presentation. When asked about the mysterious fourth feature (more on the first three coming soon), Molyneux said that he wasn't allowed to talk about it. Why was it on the slide then, hmmm? Molyneux did hint that the feature would cause Fable 2 to "touch more of the outside world."

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Boldy3890d ago

I'm kinda wonderin what it could be: being able to travel on a ship, descriptions on pregnancy while you are a woman?