Target: ZombiU to be available for $45 starting this weekend

Starting tomorrow, Target will be holding a fairly large discount for ZombiU.

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LOL_WUT2120d ago

Guess it's not selling well at retail, still an ok game though.

MmaFan-Qc2120d ago

meh, the game would worth it if it was in a bargain bin for 8-15$, other than that its a big ripoff for the below average quality of the game, sure the "kill your zombified u" to get your shit back is a pretty nice concept, but its not enuff to justify all the bad aspect of the game, its kinda sad since the game had a lot of potential.

and i bet the delay of the demo is exactly because they dont want to loose potential sales.

Crillvirus812120d ago

I don't know what your talking about this is a great game you can go to mii verse For your self every body that paid for it loves this game I'll be getting another copy for my brother cause he keeps trying to borrow mines

deafdani2120d ago

Seriously, do you even own the game?

PopRocks3592120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )


Your basis of that is what? Games have sales around this time each year. Portal 2's Steam price was dropped to about half its initial amount very shortly after its launch.

Drainage2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

this game is amazing, screw the haters. Everyone that owns the game (miiverse) loves the game and many people on neogaf have it on their top 5 goty's list. I say top 5 only because people cry when i tell them its a wii u game on GOTY.