GDC London: Molyneux On Fable 2's Experiments

Veteran UK game designer Peter Molyneux, who's now working on Fable 2, feels that players should be able to directly affect the game world, immediately and specifically, as well as indirectly over time.

The head of Lionhead Studios and creative brain behind such games as Black and White and Fable spoke at the Game Developers Conference London today about how Fable 2 is being developed inspirationally.

An explicit disclaimer at the start of his 'Inspirations For Next-Generation Designs' lecture noted that all examples cited in his talk are not features of the game Fable 2, which is still in development, but are still considered "experiments" because they may be altered or cut completely between now and the game's release.

Still, Molyneux emphasizes Lionhead's position on next-generation gameplay as having a dynamic world. "It's Lionhead's job to approach things in a very inspirational way," he says. The idea of a truly dynamic world, he says, comprises the world, characters, story, and combat-essentially the pieces of the game that Molyneux considers primary to the game experience. "We've got to push ourselves a bit further and the first place we can do that is in worlds," he says.

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Voodoochild5898d ago

Fable and to a lesser extent Ninja Gaiden Black were the reasons that I played my friends Xbox. I can't count how many days I lost to those two extremely engrossing games. My friend actually had to beg for his Xbox back. Being able to play them in High Definition is the reason that I bought the Xbox 360 this year. I can't wait to play them.