GDC London: Molyneux On Fable 2's Experiments

Veteran UK game designer Peter Molyneux, who's now working on Fable 2, feels that players should be able to directly affect the game world, immediately and specifically, as well as indirectly over time.

The head of Lionhead Studios and creative brain behind such games as Black and White and Fable spoke at the Game Developers Conference London today about how Fable 2 is being developed inspirationally.

An explicit disclaimer at the start of his 'Inspirations For Next-Generation Designs' lecture noted that all examples cited in his talk are not features of the game Fable 2, which is still in development, but are still considered "experiments" because they may be altered or cut completely between now and the game's release.

Still, Molyneux emphasizes Lionhead's position on next-generation gameplay as having a dynamic world. "It's Lionhead's job to approach things in a very inspirational way," he says. The idea of a truly dynamic world, he says, comprises the world, characters, story, and combat-essentially the pieces of the game that Molyneux considers primary to the game experience. "We've got to push ourselves a bit further and the first place we can do that is in worlds," he says.

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Voodoochild6266d ago

Fable and to a lesser extent Ninja Gaiden Black were the reasons that I played my friends Xbox. I can't count how many days I lost to those two extremely engrossing games. My friend actually had to beg for his Xbox back. Being able to play them in High Definition is the reason that I bought the Xbox 360 this year. I can't wait to play them.


Fable II - A Fantasy Series at Peak Performance

Fable II launched back in 2008 and remains the best the series has offered. Ahead of the series comeback, it's time to look at the classic.

Crows90162d ago

They gotta bring back those gargoyles!

Dudeson162d ago

I'd love to play it again, this time on pc though. Forever waiting on that pc port.

GaboonViper162d ago

Loved this game, oh and i always saved my dog at the end, hope the new Fable has a animal companion.

got_dam162d ago

Fable 2 was the best inthe series. Peter waaaaaaay over promised with fable 1 and it was good but disappointing. He didn't go crazy eith hype for the second game and it was surprisingly awesome. Then he ran his mouth promoting 3 and it was the worst of the 3.

cthulhucultist162d ago

Funny story: Fable 3 had a funny way of keeping the promises you made in the first half of the game and having enough money to defeat the darkness.

You only had to collect enough money to buy 2 stores in a busy market district. You then raise the prices to maximum and you turn xbox 360 internal clock 99 or more years ahead.

The next time you load the game, all the rents from the 99 years are collected immediately.

But yes I agree that 3 was the weakest of the three.

Demetrius161d ago

I only got to play it once 😩 I'm so tempted to buy a Xbox 360 slim but planning on getting the series x soon since I got a PS5 in February Im ready to get saints row 1&2 back, GTA 4, fable 2, but I also want to play infamous 1&2 again Sony screwed us over with the stream only for saints row 2 and other gems smh

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-Hermit-737d ago

Dragon Quest 11 isn't even the best Dragon Quest game, it's a good game, but not the best. Dragon Quest 8 is superior to it in almost every way.

thorstein737d ago

...and 1 and 2 and 3 and 4....

I am biased.

Hofstaderman737d ago (Edited 737d ago )

OK let's end this, in order
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 9
Final Fantasy 6
Chrono Trigger
Legend of Dragoon
Breath of Fire 4
Breath of Fire 3
Dragon Quest 8
Dragon Quest 11
Vagrant Story
Saga Frontier 2
Chrono Cross
Suikoden 2
Threads of Fate
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy XII
Lunar 2

Jiub737d ago

Sometimes I forget how much of a powerhouse the PS1 was

MadLad737d ago

I don't play too many jrpgs, and I'm trying to diversify a bit.

Outside of FF and Dragon Quest, what two games from that list do you most recommend someone trying? Doesn't matter if it's a sequel to another game or not.

Jiub737d ago

IMO: Chrono Trigger and Suikoden II

thorstein737d ago

Octopath Traveler is really good.

BlaqMagiq1737d ago

You have Threads of Fate on there which means you get my ultimate respect. Underrated and overlooked.

Exvalos737d ago

Man your dang near spot on absolute spot on choices

Epicor737d ago

I like your top 6 a lot. I don't have the same orders but all those games would make my top 10 RPG list most likely. Number 1 for me is FFIX. It holds a special place in my heart and imo it's the perfect Final Fantasy game.

In addition I would give special mention to some western RPG's as well: Skyrim and Mass Effect 2 were iconic games. Out of JRPG's I'd like to add Disgaea 2 on that list.

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MadLad737d ago (Edited 737d ago )

Some of my personal favorites are Planescape: Torment, New Vegas, Morrowind, Kotor 2, Wasteland 3, Witcher 2, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, Deus Ex, Disco Elysium and Vampyr.

As far as jrpg, while I'm not as big a fan as I am for Western RPGs, I love Persona 3 - 5, Dragon Quest 8 and 11, Rogue Galaxy, Final Fantast 6,7, and 12; and Lost Odyssey.

LoveSpuds737d ago (Edited 737d ago )

Some quality taste in games there squire.

I'd add some Baldurs Gate 2 and Neverwinter Nights from back in the day too.

MadLad737d ago

Should have added BG2. Played through it many times over the years.

Never could get into Neverwinter Nights though. Not sure why.

Omegasyde737d ago

Loved rouge galaxy. Fav game from Level 5.

ManMarmalade737d ago

Legend of Dragoon #1 game of all time for me