GDC 2008: WipEout HD update and screens

Sony Computer Entertainment America released a new fact sheet today on the upcoming, PSN racer WipEout HD.

In a laundry list of both new and old features, Sony wrote about the inclusion of eight teams from WipEout Pulse (Feisar, Assegai, AG-Systems, Qirex, Piranha, Triakis, Goteki45 and EG-X), pilot assist, five race modes (Single Race, Tournament, Time Trial, Speed Lap and Zone Mode), downloadable content (extra teams, ships, tracks and events for the race campaign), score posting, and custom playlists.

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Douchebaggery3893d ago

c'mon release the freaking game already

decapitator3893d ago

Damn...breezing through 60FPS at 1080P on a Bravia 40'....Awesomeness confirmed.

Mr_Kuwabara3893d ago

Images on the "wow" factor. Looks good.

Kain813893d ago

comes it on Blu-ray too?

decapitator3893d ago

Mind you, this is for PSN only. This is not 'EVEN' the real sequel and is looking so freaking good. Imagine how the real 'sequel' will look ? O_O

CaliGamer3893d ago

The first track, Vineta K sounds really cool with the underwater portions, can't wait.