Team Xbox: Dynasty Warriors 6 Review

David Chapman from Team Xbox writes:

"For better or for worse, Dynasty Warriors 6 follows the same formula as all of the previous Dynasty Warriors games. Despite the additions of a couple of new moves and a shiny new coat of paint, if you've ever played a Dynasty Warriors game before, you're going to feel like you've already played this one as well."

"And while you've got to admire the series for its longevity, there comes a point that something's got to change. While I'm sure that plenty of fans of the series will flock to the game like ants to a picnic, even the most hardcore fan has to start feeling the effects of that déjà vu feeling. Maybe we'll see some changes in the inevitable Dynasty Warriors 7, such as the long overdue addition of online play. However, if this HD-era debut is any indication, I wouldn't hold my breath."

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Dlacy13g3891d ago

STOP making the Dynasty Warrior games....There must be like 20 different varriations on this IP and they all play the exact same way!

Mr_Kuwabara3891d ago

Yeah the games are hardly always the same but hey, think of it as Japan's Madden.