Famitsu Ad: Metal Gear Solid 4 Coming 6.12.2008

In a recent post over at the forums, an advertisement for Metal Gear Solid 4 seen in Famitsu magazine confirms its early summer release date: 6.12.08

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Mr_Kuwabara3892d ago

Been waiting a couple years for this game. I think I can hold on for a few more months.

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rofldings3892d ago

Kinda hard to look forward to it when you don't have a PS3, right Poos3?

3892d ago
Marceles3892d ago

bet i'd find poos3 in those MGS4 360 rumor threads celebrating

The Warmonger3892d ago

Epic fail, we dont care. You belong over there ----->

Sevir043892d ago

why in the world with your name being Poos3 would you ever try to say that you got a PS3? LOL!!! The fankid tab is 1 click to the right.

as for This news... it's very feasible. they said that their media blow out is about to be soon and they would announce it at that time on the Playstation blog. but this 6-12-08 date is gonna be awesome if it's true.

with that being said. ^^ Bring me my snake Konami. lets reel them all in with MGS4 and MGO

iNcRiMiNaTi3892d ago

damn cant wait for this game to drop. TBH im really not that interested in old snake's story. for once i actually WANT to play as raiden, imagine how bad-ass it would be fighting vamp using the new raiden. but kojima already said he has to plans to make raiden SP at least :(

Bonsai12143892d ago

i believe mgs2 and mgs3 came out first in the states and europe. do you think it'll be the case with mgs4?

travelguy2k3891d ago

becasue they want 1 million on day 1, so they will need the whole world to hit that or excede that number

Lifendz3891d ago

my purchase of a PS3 makes me happier than I've been in a long time. Metal Gear Solid 4 EXCLUSIVE to PS3.

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ruibing3892d ago

Just in time for me to get back from grad school. I may need to hold off work for this...

poos33892d ago

im a ps3 owner and im not buying thisgame after watching gdc i think all my gaming cash will go on fable2/to human/gta+dlc/gears2/ng2 and many more

Daver3892d ago


We dont give a dman of how you will spend your money... keep it quiet now

Homicide3892d ago

I'm glad that this game is going to be released in June, if it's true. No school and work!

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Bathyj3892d ago

You're such a liar Poo's.

You dont have a PS3 or any class, and your money all goes on hookers and clearisil. Now piss off, your name sounds like sh*t.

PopEmUp3892d ago

you got it right for one part of it, he is using his money all on his girlfriend after that he find out that she was toying with him and later on he realize that she not even his girlfriend.

Back to Top> MGS is gonna be great and also the MGO but with this game releasing as promised, PS3 starting to be an unstoppable beast this year

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Skerj3892d ago

If it's true, that's the week I fake my death. Normally I don't dork out for games that much, but it's Metal effin Gear!!

Keowrath3892d ago

I'm taking the week off work and buying a crap load of beer!

Forbidden_Darkness3892d ago

doesnt it seem a bit close to the Grand Theft Auto release date? unless thats only for japan, than that would be alright, because GTA4 may take away some of its sales. even if that is the release date, ill still be buying it, id buy it before GTA4 if i didnt have enough money for both.

Violater3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

gta4 in april 29

MGS4 in June is not hard to imagine.

Resistance 2 in september

Killzone in November

a guy can dream

ruibing3892d ago

I'm pretty sure they are doing a simultaneous worldwide release.

Keowrath3892d ago

I'm looking forward to GTA4 (enjoyed the series but VC was the best for me) I'd take Metal Gear over GTA any day of the week but I'm a bit of a MGS fanboy so I may be an exception.