Game Developer's Conference: 2008 Wrap-Up

Otter from AC writes:

"This year's Game Developers Conference was a month earlier than previous shows. Still, the show is as important as ever with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all trying to start off with the right foot in 2008.Z"

"Let's start off with the market leader, the Nintendo Wii. Although the Wii is setting sales records, many third-party developers are still focusing their efforts on the PC/ Playstation 3/ Xbox 360 combination. It was the same old story for Nintendo: the gaming press was more interested in the HD consoles."

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PS360WII3943d ago

Decent GDC. MS said the most and Nintendo said the least. I pretty much knew Nintendo wouldn't say anything seeing that they never do but still :(

Mr_Kuwabara3943d ago

This article really helped me understand what happened this week on GDC since I haven't been to up to date on the conference. (Just recently bought COD4...hehe)

marionz3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

I liked what microsoft showed, they do have a strong exclusive games line up for 08 just like 07, I was worried that their would be no big hitter this year but with gears of war 2 being anounced for november thats changed, the other games will sit nicely around that game, eg Too Human, Fable 2, NG2,and other games that will most likely make it this year Banjo 3, Halo Wars, Alan Wake, Splinter cell coviction,and more will show the light as the year goes on,who said microsoft had little exclusives this year?