$10m Development Costs for Gears of War

Epic Games VP Mark Rein has slammed suggestions that huge budgets are required to create next-gen games, revealing that forthcoming Xbox 360 title Gears of War has cost "around $10 million" to produce.

Speaking at the London Games Summit, Rein said that it's taken a team of 20 - 30 people around two years to complete work on GOW - arguing that despite claims by some industry figures, it's still possible to create next-gen titles using medium sized teams and without gigantic budgets.
GOW, he continued, "wasn't cheap but didn't cost the crazy figures you hear other companies quoting of $20, $30 million". Rein made similar comments in an interview with last year, where he accused "big companies like EA" of "going around trying to scare people".

When asked by an audience member how much GOW had cost to produce, Rein replied, "So far, around $10 million, maybe a little less.

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DC RID3R5908d ago

is it me, or is it only us/euro devs who can bankroll the multi-million budgets nowadays???

apart from a few MAJOR 3rd party jap devs i.e squarenix,CAPCOM,konami,SEGA etc, the future looks pretty bleak for smaller dev teams (as far as ps3,360's concerened) unless they just prioritise on smaller costing games for the wii maybe?

5908d ago
FeralPhoenix5908d ago

Damm, EA better be careful 'cause they are starting to get alot of "negative" attention....and thats not good no matter how "Big" you are.

FeralPhoenix5908d ago (Edited 5908d ago )

double post

Ravenator5295908d ago

I really like how Mark Rein has been quite outspoken on many of the claims that some of these other gaming companies are making.

The only thing that I will have to say in defense to EA's comments is that EA deals in licensing to major sports organizations. This all gets rolled into development costs. I couldn't imagine what EA has to pay for the MLB, NFL (exclusive), NBA, PGA, and NHL licenses! Not to mention what the cost is for the athletes time for "live camera capture" for many of these games.

Epic doesn't have to worry about paying for licenses because they use their own created engine (Unreal Engine) to create most of their games. So in turn, production costs can be lower.

Granted, I think time=quality which is why we receive such quality games from Epic.

For EA, they think money=quality. Which is obviously not the case. Their Madden franchise is catching more heat in recent years and their NBA and NHL games have been running second place to 2K NBA and NHL.

Funky Town_TX5908d ago

Why does GOW cost $60. The dev cost should be past off to the consumer. If it is not that expensive then we should benefit from lower cost right ? Eitherway, if R:FOM and GRAW are worth $60 then so is GOW.

BIadestarX5908d ago

For the same reason Nintendo is selling a GC with a wii mote for $250. And for the same reason you will be paying $50,$60+ for many PS3/wii/xbox 360 games that will not be as fun or look as impressive. why should they charge less than other companies when they are giving you a better product. Be happy that at least this game will be good.

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