GDC 2008: Final Fantasy Updates

Taku Murata, General Manager of Square Enix's Research & Development division, just gave a presentation at this year's GDC titled "The Technology of Final Fantasy." Most of the information given at the conference was more on the technical side of things, dealing with the company's various engines and experiences with actual development. However, towards the end of the show, we were treated to a few bits of information that should be interesting to Final Fantasy fans.

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ruibing3894d ago

It sounds like FFXIII will still be an exclusive but the new MMO should be a multiplatformer.

darkshiz3894d ago

That's what I'm suspecting also.

CrazzyMan3894d ago

And that would be logical if White Engine(Crystal Tools) will need HDD. =)
In that case, game can be multiplatform and be released on x360. :)

NegativeCreepWA3894d ago

So nothings changed in the last year. What a surprise. I guess it needs to be said for the people that cant accept Squares next mmo will be on the 360. And the others that are dumb enough to think FFXIII is going to the 360.

IzKyD13313894d ago

damn, 2009 seems like an eternity away

heyheyhey3894d ago

it's being used for the Wii as well- thats good news

my Wii needs a good RPG- DQ:Swords doesn't cut it, i want a good, lengthy RPG on my Wii

PS360WII3894d ago

DQ:Swords is kind of fun so far but yes Square Enix needs to give Wii a better title. Fire Emblem is awesome if you haven't tried it and Paper Mario is fun but not a gritty tale and soon Baroque will be coming out ^^

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Avto3894d ago

The engine thing I can understand, I mean why should SE buy Unreal if they can make their own multyplat framework Crystal Tools

Rybnik3894d ago

I think they only licensed UE3 for "The Last Remnant"

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The story is too old to be commented.