A group of NBA Live fans are fed up with EA and their mediocre products. Apparantly NBA Live 07 is so bad this year it caused this group to launch a website with a letter outlining just how bad things have gotten.

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FeralPhoenix5902d ago

I'm just glad I didn't buy this one....I do have Madden because I'm a football fanatic and its definitely better than last year....but I still find myself wondering what NFL 2K 07 would've been like.(sigh).

kingboy5902d ago

the only sports title i buy from them is madden.i`m also fed up with them

Grown Folks Talk5902d ago

since dreamcast. nfl 2k7 would be sick. i'd also like to see 2k give boxing a shot. madden's innovative lead the wr feature was done on nfl 2k years ago on dreamcast. new slogan EA...IT USED TO BE IN THE GAME! last good madden was 93 for sega genesis.

Grown Folks Talk5902d ago

me and kingboy agree on something. it's a new world.

kingboy5902d ago

lol wow!we gamers that`s why

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