GDC 08: White Engine renamed to Crystal Tools

Taku Murata's session at the GDC had some very interesting information: The White Engine, which is being used in Square Enix's next generation PlayStation 3 title Final Fantasy XIII, has been renamed and is now called Crystal Tools.
The interesting part was when Taku Murata said some of the engine's features will work on the Wii, although, "it's a secret". Is Square Enix planning to released more titles on the Wii?

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pwnsause3891d ago

more and more I believe that Kingdom hearts 3 will be a wii exclusive.

decapitator3891d ago

This announcement was totally unexpected...whoa. Well am not going to jump to conclusions but wow, what a shocker this is.

ruibing3891d ago

I still hope not. It's suppose to a gorgeous next gen game.

decapitator3891d ago

Agree. But with this piece of information, KH3 exclusivity is in doubt right now for me that is. After reading around more about the crystal tools, SE are also saying, they do not intend to make single console exclusive going forward.

Also, FXIII, FXvIII and FF:C for wii are the only games using the Crystal Tools right now.

INehalemEXI3891d ago

They are also making an MMO using Crystal Tools right now.

Lifendz3890d ago

Here's the thing: Games cost so much to make these days that Devs want to ensure their game reaches the most amount of people possible. PS3 isn't exactly doing bad in Japan, but it's not doing as well as the Wii. So Square wants in on the Wii market and I can't really blame them. Granted the game they make won't be as epic, grandiose, or whatever word you want to use as their PS3 game (in terms of pure tech) but it will be Square and it'll sell.

Again, I'm not mad at them. Heck, I'm getting FFXIII and FFXIII versus so I'm happy.

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xhi43891d ago

but as time goes on, i get the feeling its going to be coming out on the wii.

i reckon itd sell more on the wii as well.....but that would be so sad!

ChickeyCantor3891d ago

think again!

if it sells more on the Wii, Square-X will receive money, meaning they will have more money for bigger projects.

it did good on the PS2, and we all know it would be a beautiful game on the PS3......but as long the gameplay is fun there is no reason to look down @ it.

xhi43891d ago

I'd love to see KH3 in 1080p with the White Engine and photo realistic graphics..........that would melt my eyes!

But if its wii graphics.....then how disappointing is it aye. I mean the gameplay would be awesome, but the entire visual experience, not so much ya know

ChickeyCantor3891d ago

i bet you wouldnt complain if you look @ the gfx of 1 and why would it damage your eyes now?

you did say gameplay would be i honestly dont really see problem :P

rofldings3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Because 1 and 2 came out last-gen. I don't want to play anymore PS2 quality games. I want HD.

Btw, "White Engine" sounded way cooler than "Crystal Tools"

ChickeyCantor3891d ago

HD or not, a game is a game.
get over it.

jackdoe3891d ago

It would be sad, but that is life I guess. Hopefully KH3 comes out for the PS3 though. I really want to see Next-Gen (or Current Gen if you'd like to call it) Donald and Goofy renders.

Homicide3891d ago

One thing that I'm worried about KH3 being on the Wii is the controls. Considering that Kingdom Hearts is mostly a button mashing game, I'm afraid they might replace that with mindless arm waving. I hope it goes to the PS3, if not, well Square better not screw up with the controls.

ruibing3891d ago

But I don't want a Wii at all. Playing it once in awhile at a friend's house is enough for me. If its an exclusive, please let it be a timed exclusive.

Qbanboi3890d ago

Same here bro. I love the game. But i hate the Wii, (it's how i am) i won't buy that little console for a KH3.

Also, come on. We all know that only 1st party games sale on the Wii. Yeah, others 3rd party sell good as well, but no as they should.

And a 1080p full HD, can't be comprare against the resolution of the Wii. Please don't make it a Wii, exclusive. Make it, multiplataform if you want. But no Wii exclusive.

forum_crawler3890d ago

I don't care if they release a version of it for my cell phone, so long as they release a version of it for the wii. I would love to play this game!

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Mr_Kuwabara3891d ago

For some reason, I too think that KH3 might grace the Wii and PS3 or be exclusive for the Wii altogether.

decapitator3891d ago

Whats more scary is that, Disney is one of the strongest supporters of the Wii and they own the KH3 Ip.

Cartesian3D3891d ago

how MANY times I must say.. the Whole Kingdom Hearts team ...

I repeat .. the WHOLE kingdom hearts team are BUSY .. working on FFVersusXIII for PS3... so I dont care about KH3 ..

because if there will be a KH3 for Wii it will be developed by another team.. which means not SAME quality imo .. or atleast not same Structure that WE love :)

so dont worry .. VERSUS will be our NEXT_GEN action RPG

BTW: does Wii really needs a Special NEXT gen engine ? I thought it has a same HW as lastgen Nintendo consoles ( GameCube ) .. they must just add some motion controls feature in their old engines :P

ChickeyCantor3891d ago

its stronger, ergo, more power...

Cartesian3D3891d ago

Im pro in hardware structure..

64MB of GDDR3 video ram ergo not so much more RAM compare to GC .. and 3MB for textures ..

low frequency core(CPU around 730 ,GPU near 250MHZ) and RAM .. ergo low power..

so Next-gen engine with complex animations ,high poly models,lighting tricks for render in shaders.. blah blah blah wont be thoroughly work for Wii .. so Last-gen engines would be enough :P

sorry I though u want to insult my english writing skills with word "ERGO" .. anyway u are right I havent any

ChickeyCantor3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

" does Wii really needs a Special NEXT gen engine ? I thought it has a same HW as lastgen Nintendo consoles"

PC hardware is also the same but upgraded( in short periods of time), therefore, Wii has more power to offer. its not as " strong " as the other consoles but it offers more power then the GCN.

"so Next-gen engine with complex animations "
you make a big mistake here...if the engine is complex, it doesn't mean you have to make the Animation Complex,make models out of allot of poly's, use all the shaders so on and on.

Square themselves did say there are functions in the crystal tool that could be executed on the Wii hardware so, so who says they wont slim down the engine?

and ERGO is just another word for THEREFORE.

you " haven't any" what, whatyou talking about =/ ?

mullet3891d ago

Why Crystal Tools? That's so gay. Crystal Engine sounds cooler but White Engine sounds best.

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