LucasArts prioritizing PS3, unleashing Force

Though its forthcoming game, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, started development on the Xbox 360, LucasArts' "new baseline" will be Sony's console.

"Our next project will use the PS3 as the baseline, and then apply that to the Xbox 360," said Haden Blackman, project lead for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

After some hard-learned lessons in developing The Force Unleashed, LucasArts now has a strategy for future multiplatform titles: develop the PS3 version first.

The new game was demoed for first time in public by the developer -- which almost made a new KOTOR instead.

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Martini5956d ago

Smart move.
Common sense tells you that you should make the game with the lowest common denominator and go from there.
That way you won't be struggling with making the game work on a particular console as it is guaranteed to run on the higher spec. machine.

Violater5956d ago

hopefully the ps3 version of force unleashed is up to par.

Panthers5956d ago

Why disagree with Violator? He is right. This article basically says that they had difficulty with the PS3 version.

games4fun5956d ago

I guess the ps2 was more powerful than the original xbox? because you know the xbox1 had to be very weak console compared to the graphic might of the ps2 because xbox1 was the "lowest denominator" when they would devolop games for it first right?

or are you just wearing fanboy glasses in fanboy land and crying like a baby?

Richdad5956d ago

233 mhz < 733 mhz
32 Mb ram < 64 Mb Ram
gfx card equivalent to geforce 2ti< gfx card better than geforce 3Ti

All the above stats show that the hardware was in case of Xbox 1 more powerful, the only advantage the PS2 had was of fill rate as far as the survival in the market account anything that sells will survive, even with howso ever weakend hardware it has.
I say this on account of being PS2 user and my friend who showed me multiplatform games on xbox1.
Till 2004 it was Ok with PS2 but after that I didnt saw much improvement in graphics except for RE4 and GOW, GOW 2.

thewhoopimen5955d ago

Are you daft? Martini is right?! where do you come up with that logic? Based off his btw, sarcastic backhand, the Wii should be the lead platform being the lowest common denominator not to mention highest base.

JsonHenry5955d ago

Is it not easier to make it on the PS3 THEN port to other consoles? Sounds like a smart move since the PS3 (for the time being at least) is the lowest common denominator among ported games.

BobDog5955d ago (Edited 5955d ago )

@ rich dad

he was being sarcastic... he was implying martini's logic

bet u feel like an idiot

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Anything but Cute5956d ago (Edited 5956d ago )

another developer will be doing it right. More and More developers are gonna learn this.

gonzopia5956d ago

This is the best part...

"Virtually every third-party publisher is now developing for the PS3 first. 'They all are now, since it's just easier,' he told GameSpot."

...oh, snap.

wow4u5956d ago

"Virtually every third-party publisher is now developing for the PS3 first. 'They all are now, since it's just easier,' he told GameSpot."


Exactly. And since I have to explain it, I feel pity for you.


It is easier to port PS3 code to the Xbox 360 than to port Xbox 360 code to the PS3 -- WITHOUT WASTING TIME AND MONEY TO SQUEEZE OUT PERFORMANCE.

So, Mutliplatform games will now be gimped to the PS3.

SnakeCL5956d ago

Actually, no. Since PS3 will be lead platform, games will play to the strengths of that platform, namely, the better texture filtering processing power.

So if anything, games ported from PS3 to 360 will be lesser than their PS3 original.

drewdrakes5956d ago

SnakeCL - Actually no, the 360 has better texture filtering. Its graphics card has more pipelines for shaders. As well the 360's graphics chip's pipelines are general purpose and so can be either pixel or vertex.

Richdad5956d ago

The devs have to use power of processor in PS3 to get graphics so its up to the cell and its software driver to give the result. But I dont know the depth abt texture filtering and all that on either console.

But whatever is the case why did the Devs didnt used the CPU processor power in last gen, I mean the PS2 and xbox were not even 1 GHZ in processing power but when I turned on GTA Sandandreas on Intel exteme GPU ( yeah very poor of me) it doesnt work but the processor of a normal PC by most accounts was 2.4GHZ. So why didnt the Devs did that to the PC what they are doing on PS3 use processor more and less GPU.
I dont why even devs compalin abt PC sells, when a PC gamer is not even sure that if the game howso ever good he is purcahsing will work properly or not but in case of console we ask for 60 fps and 1080p things, inspite of the fact that a high end PC costs enough to get you all the 3 next gen console.

gonzopia5956d ago

Listen - the issue at hand has nothing to do with which system has better graphics or processing power, it's about development time. The PS3 is a more complicated system to develop for - it has a more elaborate system. Therefore, it takes longer. It's easier, like the quote says, to dev for the PS3, then port to the 360 for that very reason.

Why is this good? It's good because more devs will take more time to learn the PS3 method of developing games and using the multiprocessing system. PS3 will get better games, and likely the possibility of more exclusives in the future - but it's also good because 360 won't require a totally different build, so these games will come out at the same time and the 360 will get almost the same version...

...just one that's gimped down a bit. :)

SnakeCL5955d ago

Actually, you're incorrect.

The PS3 does AF considerably better than 360. The old CoD4 comparo shots are an excellent example.

The RSX is actually better at Pixel Shading that the Xenos as well. Xenos is better at vertex shading, but the RSX was never meant to handle that, it gets offloaded to Cell.

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Neurotoxin5956d ago

So basically the game is gonna be rubbish on the ps3, but the next game should be fine.

beavis4play5956d ago

at one point in the article the author says the impressive looking game is on track. (not rubbish)

then says after they first showed the demo to an audience; it was met with a thunderous applause.

just read before commenting.

Richdad5956d ago

Lucas arts had hardship to get it on PS3 right way. No matter whatever hardship they had they are going to do it right Lucas arts is one really good studio, its never gonna dissappoint PS3 user like EA did earlier.

HarryEtTubMan5956d ago

Just like the Sony CEO said yesterday... almost al games being started from now on will use the PS3 lead SKU. Sony always wins fools. A SONY CEO SAID THAT AND WASN'T KIDDING. He said that developers understand the momentum of the PS3 and how its BARELY BEGUN.hahahahahha the 360 got NO GOOD NEWS AT GDC. Nothing but Gears 2(which evertone already knew was coming and the trailer was absolute garbage) hahahahahahahha

PS3 WILL BE THE LEAD SKU CONSOLE FROM HERE ON OUT. And recently even the few ports arent bad. Only 9 more years to go BOTS!!!!


Bill Gates5956d ago

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