PS4 and Xbox 720 Frostbite engine tech help sought by ‘Battlefield 3’ developer (Photos)

DICE, the developer behind “Battlefield 3,” today posted a job offer seeking a Senior Software Developer for next-generation systems like the PS4 and Xbox 720. Some of the job description mentions that the employee will be working as a part of an “AAA game team” with the “Frostbite engine tech.” You can check out some concept images of the PS4 and Xbox 720 from Yanko Design, as well as some pictures of what appears to the PS4 controller, in the slideshow at the top of this article and the details below (via D

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akaakaaka3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

That looks sexy!
Ps4 can do 4k2k games Pew pew pew ahhhhh I got exited sorry XD

ThatHappyGamer3098d ago

4K resolution is not gonna happen for games, maybe for movies. 1080p + 60FPS is what we gonna get for games.

DeadlyFire3098d ago

Well if Sony/Microsoft can push 3-5 Tflops out of a console then yes 4K will happen at 30fps for the consoles. Top PC cards can push current games at 20-25 fps. On a console platform with same 4ish Tflops and optomization we could easily see 4K at 30 fps. That makes 1080p + 60 FPS not only possible, but definite if 4K is their aim.

stragomccloud3097d ago

@Deadly fire
No, because the average consumer will never have 80" tvs.

tee_bag2423097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

You guys thinking 4k @ 60 fps is going to happen on the consoles keep buying into false hope.
You obviously don't realize HDMI cables and ports are bandwidth limited at this point in time.
If a PC has the grunt, they have the option to push that res and framerate because monitors can use the higher bandwidth m-DVI and dual m-DVI. This doesn't happen on TV's. The 4K TV's still only support sub 30 fps,
Honestly, Sorry to poo poo on your dreams but you should do some research on it before you talk nonsense.

Leviathan3097d ago

@ tee_bag: You have a point. That's why Sony invented a new wireless HDMI called DPconnect. Wireless.

But you would probably have known that if you ACTUALLY READ THE ARTICLE!

Ryto3097d ago

That picture is a bunch of crap.
You aren't getting 4k native games. There is no demand for that technology, majority of consumers have only just adjusted to HD, no one is going to buy £40000 sets, even in 10 years they aren't feasible.

So before you blow of crap websites that a 10 year old has mocked up, go on reliable technology -non- sensationalist sites for accurate information, and if you cant handle that simply google BBC news.

DoomeDx3097d ago

Were not gonna get 60FPS. Believe me.
People still want to squeesh out as much juice as possible out of the console. So expect great looking games, in 30 FPS. there will be more 60fps games, definatly! But the graphical beasts will remain 30 FPS, but in 1080p.

Leviathan3097d ago

@ Ryto: Hdmi 2.0 is slated to be released very soon. Based on HDMI Forum meetings it is expected that WIRELESS HDMI 2.0 will increase the maximum TMDS per channel throughput from 3.4 Gbit/s to 6 Gbit/s which would allow a maximum total TMDS throughput of 18 Gbit/s.This will allow HDMI 2.0 to support 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. Other features that are expected for HDMI 2.0 include support for 4:2:0 chroma subsampling, support for 25 fps 3D formats, improved 3D capability, support for more than 8 channels of audio, support for the HE-AAC and DRA audio standards, dynamic auto lip-sync, and additional CEC functions.

Before you guys call bullsheep, why don't you do a little truth digging of your own.

kneon3097d ago


HDMI 1.5 is supposed to be released soon and I'm sure that will address any bandwidth issues.

tubers3097d ago

Devs like to put more geometry and other effects. I bet we're still heading to 1280x720 land @ 30 fps but a good trade off for games that would look more amazing.

I bet [email protected] FPS is more likely to be reserved for "PS3 Classics".

tee_bag2423097d ago

@ kneon. HDMI 1.5 may very well be getting released soon, but it doesn't change the fact that 99% of HDTV's HDMI ports are still infact bandwidth limited.
A HDTV display can still only receive a input of 1080p @ 60 fps or a 3D input of 1080p at 24 fps.
HDTV's having an 200Htz + refresh rate is a totally different thing, that internal processing. They still can't receive the higher bandwidth

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morkendo233098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

from the photos

ps4 look like SMALL!!!! google box tv box,controllers with BALLS at the end???. 720 look barely unchanged with infer-red light (kinect) i'll hold onto my ps3 hope for the best.
not impress one bit with next GEN consoles.

DeadlyFire3098d ago

You do know those are concept photos of the consoles. Not confirmed design. The controllers are from patents, but not confirmed to be only way to play. Likely Dualshock 4 will appear for PS4. If its not broke don't fix it. I don't see why anyone wants the controller to change.

FragMnTagM3098d ago

I know that I would like to see a change to the PS3 controller.

I have never like Sony's controller.

The Power A controller I got for the PS3 has increased my playing ten fold compared with Sony's DS3.

I don't use the tips of my thumbs or I have to bend them at extreme angle on the DS3 in order to not slap them together every five seconds.

In case you hadn't noticed, I got long fingers and I just can't get used to the controller no matter how I hold it.

I got this: for my son and I can use it just fine. The reason being, that the sticks are seperated and it allows my thumbs not to slam into each other.

I actually like that small controller as I get a quicker response time due to the buttons being closer to the sticks and plan on getting one for myself.

At the very least Sony should release two different versions of the DS4, or just make the sticks interchangeable with the D pad.

Hellsvacancy3098d ago

Im not liking the looks of the PS4 controller

Raoh3098d ago

Neither am I, I hate the 360 controller layout, love the size but hate the analog stick positions. I have a 360 controller for my pc and my left thumb starts to hurt after long gaming runs.

Raoh3097d ago

I love that people disagree with what happens to me as if they are here with me.

TheGamerDood3098d ago

These devs are no longer playing coy I guess, :D Bring on next gen baby!

ATi_Elite3098d ago

Hey that's pretty cool....Dual shock controller comes apart and now you got a Move controller! That's pretty slick!

4K Games ha ha ha, not happening! Oh your gonna play 4K games on your 720p TV cause 4K TV's cost $20,000!

Next Gen will brag about 4k and will deliver just as many 4K AAA games as this Gen delivered AAA 1080p games which is ZERO!!!!

Oh and 4K TV's cost $20,000 so while your hitting the disagree button remember that 4K TV's cost $20,000 and there currently is NO media or broadcast in 4K resolution for those $20,000 TV's!

So just be happy with 1080p @ 60fps!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3098d ago

Let 4k go.... Noone is buy a $20k tv and sony knows that.

GraveLord3098d ago

Nintendo thought the same about HD. Look what happened.

rbjmaster3098d ago

They sold the most consoles ?

XB1_PS43097d ago

@gravelord I bought a 26" HD TV just after my xbox, it cost $650 at the time. There is no such thing as a small 4kTv which means they will always be in the multi thousands of dollars. They're not a viable target for a console market.

nirwanda3098d ago

Both consoles are very likely to do what MS did this gen with a chip that will scale to a 4k res.

hazardman3097d ago

im trying to figure out how theyre gonna scale 4k res on 1080p display, and how you thought of it.. to me it makes no sense.

Hozi3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

The only thing we should expect is to be let down. Sony and MS live in a fantasy world and only when their consoles are out on shelves do they wake up and say
"oh shit, we screwed up big time, lets try and fix this mess quickly"

all I'm saying is you have to know by now that is SONY says it will support 4k at 60fps, then we will only get half of that and only some games might be 60fps. M$ too!So if games will really run at 60fps and be in completely 1080p but look like the agnis philosophy tech demo. I will be a very happy gamer.

akaakaaka3097d ago

Most of you guys act like lil 13 year old getting their menstruation wow.

Ok 4k tv are expensive because the ones that are on sale are 83" and is a technology for rich people.
Eveb 1080p83" or 100" are super expensive.

4k tvs wil be made in 32" and up and the price eventually will come down to price and I don't mind gaming bext gen ganes on my 1080p tv because it will also look amazing in it to until I decide to get a 8k tv
Yes tvs will be 8k but for movies only and 2k or 4k will be tge native for ganes. Just like this gen 720p was the native for ganes and 1080p the bative for movie's ..

rainslacker3097d ago

The price will come down, but will it come down in time to make it relevant for the next generation's life span? I could see it in the PS5 or next nextBox, but a year or so from now? No.

HDTV's were already down to around $700 for a basic model when the PS3 launched, so it was already relevant to this gen. I know this because I brought my PS3 and HDTV on the same day. That $700 TV I brought as a floor model for $400, and only just replaced it 2 days ago.

HDTV also had more hype, and while not everyone saw the benefit over SD, the difference was clear enough to make a lot of people want it. This just isn't going to be the case with 4K, as the differences are much less noticeable.

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KangarooSam3098d ago

Cool concept designs. Still hoping Sony doesn't follow through with the split dualshock/move thing, it doesn't look that appealing. But the second gen bluray discs sound sweeeet. So excited.

Riderz13373098d ago

Why not? It can be used for some amazing gameplay for games such as Skyrim. Imagine having one side being used as a sword and the other as a shield. That would be epic for you to control the blocking/attacking.

TheGamerDood3098d ago

Exactly. Who cares what it looks like all that matters is how it improves gameplay.

Hozi3097d ago

Umm, we have the Move for that. Oh wait a sec, Bethesda didn't make it compatible with move? too bad, I doubt they would take the time to program their games for a new split style controller.

rainslacker3097d ago


They might if it was standard on the system. However I hope if the controller does do something like this then it has those balls smaller or detachable, because that looks rather distracting to me. I also hope they don't force motion control into early games to prove it's necessary(ahem...Lair).

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Godchild10203098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

I like the way the Dev kit concept art of the next Xbox looks. It looks really sleek and smooth.

As for the PS4, I hope they don't change the controller button layout. I'm one of the many PlayStation 3 owners that prefer that controller layout. Also, please, Sony don't force move down your Consumer's throats. We might end up rebelling.

Riderz13373098d ago

Holy shit "blu ray Deuce" holds up to 3 times more data. Hope this is true cause then open world games can become massive.

MultiConsoleGamer3098d ago

Zero truth.

"Next generation systems." Does not mention PS4 or Xbox 720.

Slide show images are all bad fakes.