Lessons from the Death of HD-DVD

HD-DVD died because the industry collectively worked to kill it as a proprietary monster that would enslave users, studios, and developers to Microsoft's software. It wasn't a simple disc format struggle.

The public wasn't aware of what was going on behind the scenes because Microsoft worked diligently to spin a misinformation campaign that suggested that HD-DVD would be cheaper, more open, and deliver more content. Backers were fed talking points that insisted that HD-DVD discs were cheaper to create, that the Chinese would pump out ultra cheap players to support Microsoft, and that HD-DVD's DRM was somehow easier to get around than Blu-Ray. This was all false.

When charged with the reality that Microsoft is nothing more than a marketing organization pushing inferior technology tied to proprietary standards that will later be leveraged to extort higher prices, the company responds with a smoke screen that declares that its products will be first-to-market and supported by lowballing Chinese manufacturers. At the same time however, Microsoft has only ever delivered late, inferior products that have a higher total cost of ownership. Its supporters have worked hard to bury this reality even as Microsoft continues to raise prices on poor products that have limited competition, such as Windows Vista.

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Bleyd3944d ago

"Microsoft’s monopoly power is dissolving, and its ability to create anti-competitive partnerships and exclusive alliances is also falling apart. Its hardware partners have been led on wild goose chases with WinCE, desktop Windows, PlaysForSure, and now HD-DVD, leaving alliances with Microsoft looking more like charity exercises than business decisions."

They really do need to refocus on getting their base business fixed by putting out a quality OS.

marinelife93944d ago

LOL I don't think this guy likes Microsoft's business model and tactics very much.

Good article, long but interesting.

I wouldn't think the rest of the CE industry would want Microsoft forcing their format and royalties down their throats. Especially when they have products that are more innovative and that they don't have to pay Microsoft to use.

toughNAME3943d ago

I know, and with Armyless as the contributer...

Armyless3943d ago

The dust is going to settle hard on HDDVD's demise. All things considered, the 360 is proving to be a positive venture for the Micro-corp.

mistertwoturbo3943d ago

"the 360 is proving to be a positive venture for the Micro-corp."

Sure it is. There's absolutely no hardware failures for the 360.

*rolls eyes*

slymaddox3943d ago

I agree. "At the same time however, Microsoft has only ever delivered late, inferior products that have a higher total cost of ownership."
So true.

InYourMom3943d ago


I really don't have the want to argue all this articles points but just the fact that the author is making it sound like HD-DVD was MS's brainchild, it was Toshiba.

This is just someone with a huge grudge. Enjoy the additional DRM, region locking and scattered profile's of Blu-ray.

PSWe603943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

enjoy your hot box 360 with it's RRoD, shoty LIVE support, scractched game discs, sub parr games in 08 and now non-exitent HD drive...idiot

You X-box fanboys are the reason why crappy companies like Microsfort is losing money!



Would he take the time to put this together if he was full of shi.... Do you really think that TOSHIBA could do this all by themselves ? seriously , unless someone else has a hand in it...They have shafted everybody thats why nobody likes there azzz and there shafted you the consumers to....But I wont go there you already know...Just wait 2 more years another upgrade oh im sorry another system...the 360.5 ..just so you can play halo again...But anyways its your money and you can do anything you want with it...PEACE

InYourMom3943d ago

@1.1 - I've owned a 360 since launch and I've never had any of those problems. If could happen, but I am not worried about it and I just enjoy my gaming. That's all I can say, never had a problem. If I end up with a RROD then my attitude could change but so far so good.

@1.2 - I've read much longer articles that are full of sh*t, I don't see why not. Toshiba was involved in a format war, there is a winner and loser, HD-DVD lost. It has nothing to do with screwing customers, the format had many advantages over Blu-ray. This person is comparing now specs and trying to apply it to when the HD-DVD player launched. When the HD-DVD player launched all the thing's he argued are false were true. Blu-ray got their stuff together but it took them time and they are still trying to standardise the profile. I won't say MS didn't look at HD-DVD as a way to compete with Sony, of course they did. But I don't think they were trying to deceive customer's, they were picking the format they thought was best.
Did Sony screw consumers with Betamax, UMD and it's Memstick card's when they ultimately failed as a viable consumer product? No, and the same applies here.

To sum it up, I know MS isn't perfect. They can be snakey and they love to nickel and dime the hell out of their customers but if I don't want it, I don't buy it. Windows is a great OS for my small business and for my home use, that is why I use it. Give me something that does everything Windows does and as easy I will buy it.

All companies are snakey, even the "perfect" Sony and it's called business(reality). But they aren't going to reach in my wallet and take my money I have to give it to them.

Tryst3943d ago

PSWe60 - actually, its blinded people like him who make M$ money.

They are, not for a better word, ill-informed people.

This article can help clear his judgement a little.

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longduckdong3943d ago

not really about video games. It is about computer software. I already knew most of this stuff. Microsoft is bad news because Apple computers do not get virus like Windows products. And PS3 don't break like 360. But when you see Microsoft products everywhere some people must think it must be good or they wouldn't be everywhere.

BenzMoney3943d ago

Apple computers don't get viruses because they don't have very much market share and it isn't worth the time to write a virus that targets them! It's not like they're magically IMMUNE to getting a computer virus or something. It's just that the majority of the total market uses Windows as its OS. That is why viruses are written for Windows computers - a wider audience, bigger payoff.

NightVyper3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

maybe your right maybe there is not a big enuff share for anyone to produce a virus for apple. But a couple years back a company offered a 20,000 USD reward to any one who get a virus to take out at least 2 apple computers and no one ever cashed in.

Anyway this article is dead on about MS I am graphic designer and I deal with web design and making creative web sites work on IE is a hassle because a lot new code and concepts are not supported by IE tho they may work great on Fire fox and safari.

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