Microsoft Responds to Royalties Cut Rumor

Kotaku reports earlier this morning Kotaku ran a well-sourced rumor about Microsoft halving the royalties they pay to indie developers for the games they create for the Xbox Live Arcade.

Microsoft just responded to our request for comment with this statement:

Xbox LIVE Arcade has long been known as the premier destination for digitally distributed original and classic games - making it a very appealing platform for game developers. We don't disclose details on our business contracts, but what we can tell you is that we work closely with all of our partners to provide the Xbox 360 community with the best entertainment possible while making publishing a title on XBLA an attractive prospect.

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IQUITN4G3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Hmm i sometimes wonder about MS and it's decisions.Can't pretend to know how it all works but this seems like less than good news for devs

wow4u3893d ago

Kotaku's article is clearly implying something retarded.

MS cant arbitrarily change their contracts.

MS *CANT* just say, "oh, yeah, we promised to pay $1.00, but we uhm, decided to give you $0.50 instead".

This just like Kotaku and their constant anti-Microsoft slants and trolling. I have said time and time again, that Kotaku is not a N4G news-worthy source.

This is just a retarded story top-to-bottom.

Mike134nl3893d ago

It is all relative if sony gives more royalties to indie developers, they would just be plain stupid

toughNAME3893d ago

Getting Microsoft to send YOU money?

I'm surprised they get anything

wow4u3893d ago

Kotaku is an anti-MS blog.

Do not approve stories --- ANY stories --- from that shiathouse blog.