Nintendo Announces Wii Pay & Play

Kotaku: Today, during a GDC presentation, Nintendo's Takashi Aoyama announced a new expansion to Nintendo's Wi-Fi services called Wii Pay & Play. Aoyama explained that Nintendo will begin "collecting fees for some services [that] will allow us to adapt flexibly."

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Imallvol73893d ago

Wow, Nintendo is one of the greediest companies ever. I seriously never thought they could be bad, but now that they have tasted success they are running with it and getting money any way they can. Paying to play, even though its going to suck and its years late. I mean yeah, Nintendo might make the cheapest consoles on the market, but they more than make up for it elsewhere.

Steelshaper3893d ago

while I agree that it's strange for Nintendo... Microsoft has been doing this for YEARS with XBox Live. And we haven't seen them do anything but hoard the money they make from that. Maybe this will lead to good things with Nintendo.

And if not... the goal of a corporation is to make money. This will make them money. Therefore it's a good move.

rofldings3893d ago

Wtf nintendo, you don't need anymore money. You already have two - cheaply made - consoles selling like hotcakes with epic profits. wtf?

PS360WII3893d ago

Yeah really an odd move for Nintendo

Basch3893d ago

Am I supposed to be this incensed by the very idea? I can understand it if MMOs are coming into the picture, but still... this is poor form.

princejb1343893d ago

i refuse to pay to play online on the wii
they are acting greedy now just like MS
why would i pay to go online for a system which doesnt have worth while online games at the moment
the only game i see that will be a success online for the wii is smash bros brawl

Basch3893d ago

Ugh, I hope this isn't why it got delayed again.

PS360WII3893d ago

I guess the only good thing I can see of this is that it's only for select games

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The story is too old to be commented.