1UP Previews: Fracture

1UP writes: Most shooters try to break new ground, but Fracture does that, well, literally. Developer Day 1 Studio's third-person action gives you the ability to manipulate the environment anyway you please with the help of handy terrain-deforming weapons. Putting on a hardhat isn't just for show, though. The core gameplay in Fracture involves raising and lowering the ground to achieve certain goals. For instance, in the mission demoed for us, the player had to cross a bridge by raising rubble to prop it up. But fiddling with the ground isn't just used to solve puzzles.

Even though our demo was short, we definitely dug what we saw. The single-player looks like it will offer tons of variety in terms of using terrain deformation for getting through levels, while the game's online multiplayer seems like it will raise the fun even higher.

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