Does Sony need a 'Major Nelson?'

If there's one thing that Sony seems to lack, it's a well-loved employee public figure amongst the fans. While Reggie and Miyamoto hold status as legendary with Nintendo fans, and Microsoft's Xbox Live honcho Major Nelson provides the fans with much needed correspondence from inside the company, as the PS3 launches Sony lacks such a figure, one who can be an important buffer between the fans and the company. But does Sony need one?

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DC RID3R5908d ago

on point.

over the years sony has turned into a very arrogant company, who definately needs to be shot down a few pegs!!!

thing is, is it too late to save sony?
because, if it ain't a gaming problem one day, it's a business problem the next, and this has been going on from the start of the year!!!

1 full year of BAD-NEWS EVERYDAY, doesn't look good to stock investors and such forth.

don't worry sony, iv'e got your BACK!


andy capps5908d ago

Good article, yes, they need a Major Nelson. Even though I can't stand the guy, Sony could use one. Why not get David Jaffe to do it? He works for Sony Santa Monica.. The only problem may be that he says whatever is on his mind and may not be a great PR person. There's Kojima, but they're not a Sony first party.

Of the main 3 execs (Phil Harrison, Kaz Kirai, and Ken Kutaragi) I would prefer Phil Harrison to be the guy as he's more of a gamer, but I think they should have some new blood fill this role (if they ever do).

LegendaryMark5908d ago

Great article.

Problem is that it takes time to become a figure like Major Nelson, Sony can't just "select" someone overnight, and anyway in many ways it's the fans who do the selecting.

One of the other problems I see is that it seems that at Sony, the left hand doesn't always know what the right hand is doing. This isn't good for a Sony community figure who may say one thing (whether they believe it to be true or not is irrelevant) only to have the PR team rush out the next day and say exactly the opposite.

I can't see such a figure emerging for Sony at the moment, but get a few employees blogging, give them access to some juicy information and maybe - over time atleast - Sony just might be able to create such a figure.

kingboy5908d ago

what sony needs a few months after launch are games like jack &dexter ,sly cooper compete with the WII .Making the ps3 a well balance platform like ps2 did.

Captain Tuttle5908d ago

Is there anything like that in the pipeline?

andy capps5908d ago

I believe another Ratchet and Clank is in the works, but they probably haven't released more info on it due to the focus on Resistance: Fall of Man. I would almost bet money that there will be another Jak game, which would be sweet. I really enjoy their games.

Boink5908d ago

no way, ken and kaz are the best thing that sony could have...

well the best thing for MS and nintendo anyway:)

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