Gamedaily: Sega Superstars Tennis Preview

Gamedaily writes: Seeing as how it already has the simulation side of tennis covered with its Virtua Tennis series, Sega now heads to the other side of the net for something more casual. While Sega Superstars Tennis isn't the most original sports title around (it borrows inspiration from Nintendo's Mario Tennis games), it should most definitely be a fun one.

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners will also receive the benefit of online play. You can challenge up to three others in a singles or doubles match to make quite a racket. (Mind the pun.) Nintendo Wii owners won't have such a benefit, but exclusive motion-based controls with the Wii remote should make up for that loss.

Superstars Tennis may not appeal to the super-serious sports fanatic, but that's not who Sega is putting it out there for. This one caters more to long-time fans of the company, although gamers of all ages should have no problem getting into its simple, entertaining gameplay. We'll have a full review next month when the game hits store shelves, so keep reading GameDaily to see if it scores an ace. With zombie fighting and a dancing monkey, how could it not?

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