Sony looks to re-brand identity

Japanese company seeking to regain 'electronics giant' status.

Sony is looking to re-brand itself in the wake recent troubles and negative publicity in an effort to regain its rep as a first-class electronics giant.

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Stone Cold SA6359d ago

I think it's disgusting how people are talking about Sony right now, what a bunch of back stabbing people you are to bad mouth Sony like this and for what, they are no.1, they always release nothing short of the best, even if you have to pay for it, that's why you pay for quality! Without Sony they proably wouldn't be as far in the world of Elctronics as they are the now without them, so just remember that!

FeralPhoenix6359d ago

because no matter Sony does, you will always blame the people who point out their flaws/mistakes....instead of joining your fellow gamers and speaking out WHEN its JUSTIFIED CRITISISM....thats exactly how we got HDMI put back on the lower priced PS3.....no thanks to you.

Silverwolf6359d ago (Edited 6359d ago )

I'll wait for your response. Oops I forgot you only have one bubble.

Daewoodrow6359d ago

Jesus man is Ken K your father or something?

Silverwolf6359d ago

All the arrogance they've been showing is the cause for all the bad publicity.

calderra6359d ago

Sony 2 days ago: "Yes, the units at TGS had overheating problems."

Sony yesterday: "The units never overheated, and we have no idea what you're talking about."

Anyone who doesn't think ^that^ needs to change needs a serious head-check. Sony's lies are overpowering their brand loyalty.

Karibu6359d ago

Picture and news has nothing together. Do your flaming and hating somewhere else DC rider.

zypher6359d ago (Edited 6359d ago )

while i agree that Sony needs to change, i don't think advertisment slogans are whats needed. heck, the very word SONY is advertisment enough. they need a better handle on public understanding and relations; thats where the change is needed. they have the right people (Ken K.) working the wrong jobs (CEO, when he should be a chief engineer or something; but he should NOT be making the costly decisions that he has).