Lightning May Be Flying Solo In Lightning Returns: FFXIII

By now, most fans have seen the trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and are at least partly aware of the new game system that will involve a limited time of 13 days in which Lightning must save the world.

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iamtehpwn3099d ago

Slowbro Kotaku. It's been longgggggggg confirmed since the announcement of the game that Lightning will be the only Playable character.

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Treian3099d ago

I don't mind it. Crisis Core only had Zack playable.

DragonKnight3099d ago

Crisis Core was a better game because Zack had an actual personality.

Irishguy953099d ago

Same with Kingdom Hearts...sorta/ You just controlled different people at different times. Well, Versus will have switchable characters on the fly during battle. I don't mind either way so long as it's good. Hopefully the different styles or whatever lightning has will make some variety. Even though I likely won't buy this game, I hope the best for it so S-E can move on from it.

princejb1343099d ago

So many lightning articles lately yet nobody cares

Snookies123099d ago

I'm sure some people care, I'm just not one of them. I'll get the game when it's like 20 bucks or something...

Skate-AK3099d ago

That's what I waited 13-2 to drop to before I bought it. I really don't think I'll be getting this one though.

ritsuka6663099d ago

I noticed how many negative comments there were.. typical N4G. Awn..

On topic:Everyone is still alive basically. Aparrently Fang and Vanille will return for batle system too.Anyway, I think its gonna be a fantastic game.

DragonKnight3099d ago

Kraptaku voted down. What's up with all these lame article from Kotaku being approved?

Hicken3099d ago

Crappy article: yes.

Surprised you're here- not really, though- since you hate the XIII sub-franchise so much.

But I bet that you'll be there for the next LR article, complaining about it again.

And the article after that.

And every article about it, even once the game comes out.

You may get it, complain about how bad it is, and get a bunch of agrees/bubbles. Which would be amazing, given your level of hate. Or you may pass it up, and while having no experience with the game, continue to bash it.

I feel the former is the most likely: you'll purchase the game, dislike it, and tell the whole world how the game disappointed you and was a waste of your money, confirming your suspicions. It will fail to live up to your expectations of it, which was impossible from the start, and you will trash the game for failing, and people will agree with you.

I guess what I'm really getting at is: after this long, why bother? Why waste your time commenting about a game you'll hate before you play it that you say you have no intention of playing? Nothing about it appeals to you, so why bother keeping up with it?

VsAssassin3099d ago

Am I the only who thinks Lightning's new costume is so over the top? Personally, she looks like she's the lead guitarist for Kiss.

DEATHxTHExKIDx3099d ago

I think it may have been on purpose since she will have multiple costumes.

wishingW3L3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

She looks like Neo:

Couldn't find a picture with his trench-coat closed but still you can get the picture.

This one is still the best though:

josephayal3099d ago

I'm dying to play FF 13-2 LR

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