Microsoft cuts indie royalties in half

The move, some believe, may be tied to Microsoft's future reliance on the recently announced initiative to deliver games created using the company's XNA software package to Xbox Live users for a still undisclosed price. At least one developer I spoke with said they were considering moving over to Sony and its Playstation Network in light of the cuts.

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Bladestar3894d ago

haha! actually... those developer making xbox live arcade games that suck... should move to another platform where rookies and hobbies can make a better game that encorage people to go for free...

XNA will have many games... but that does not mean I will not buy games made by the Pros... just like I rather play Maps made by the Pros than with map editors... but is a nice thing to have...

I think this will stop developer from creating stuff that suck... ohh and going to PSN will not help... there is a reason there arent many developers making games for that platform... why was the last time an arcade game was made for it?

Development tools that allow hobbiest to make their games on the PC... and I don't see pro developers crying about it....

Don't expect a game as sharp as some of the xbox live arcade games... since that's when microsoft or a publisher will buy it and bring it to xbox live arcade...

i Shank u3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

i didnt like most of them, but The Dishwasher is pure awesome and better then most XBLA titles imo. if you told me i was going to make half of what i was told originally, id move my game to PSN too. or PC, because thats pretty fvcked up for MS to do that after youve started working

Jdash243894d ago

man i agree completely, i love the dishwasher, one of the most fun games ive ever played

3894d ago
ngg123453894d ago

Is these bad indie games. Getting rid of games like geometry wars, cloning clyde, and undertow is dumb.

marinelife93894d ago

They cut the royalties in half? I'd be hot! You already have a 150mb limit and now they cut your income 50%.

PopEmUp3893d ago

Carbon did you wet your bed while you were sleeping?

Man that make me ROFLMAO

Bubble for you!

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gonzopia3894d ago

Bigger audience on PSN (it's free, and there are more PS3's being sold than 360's)... mean the potential for higher royalties, and ones you get to keep. With Sony announcing the free PhyreEngine, there's no reason not to go this way now.

texism3894d ago

Open zone moron. Open zone.

Carbon3894d ago

It will be sooner than that my friend.

ngg123453894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

They buy the rights to the game for 100k-1 million.

Pain3894d ago

Wher they said more money for indie dev's part.

And with the way PSN is going its going to be a wild ride!

And @ngg1234 i think u mistaking Sony for MS again~

PopEmUp3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

you're right, what ngg12345 was trying to type is Microsoft, the reason he type Sony was because he think Sony is gonna kick M$ @ss this year so I see no surprise from him

phonyforceslayer3892d ago

there for there is much more possible income then PSN.

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Tempist3894d ago

I don't believe it's very nice or strategic of XNA to be cutting royalties. In light of the PhyreEngine being free, it's going to be attractive if not lucrative to being making PSN games. There's also the added bonus of making both PS3 and PSP games which are both freely accessible for usage.

One of the reasons why I prefer the PSN over the Marketplace is that there's no need to have to use a middle man to pay for things. I use my real money in my currency. The PSN also doesn't have to suffer from 'insiders' cutting out their profits via discounts. (Ie a best buy employee buying pay cards on staff costs for other or themselves.)

InYourMom3894d ago

But this article is vague, why am I not surprised it's posted by Brain Cresente at Kotaku, that dude loves to crap on the 360 whenever he can.

How much does PSN pay in royalities for it's indie games? How about Wii? As far as we know MS could be paying more than what others are paying.

People just see "cut in half" and then jump on their fanboy soap box.

chrno63894d ago

Well, if the developers, as Brian allerged, are moving over to the psn due to the cut, then sony must be paying more royalities to the indie developers than MS does.

chrno63894d ago

Some xbox fan(s) took my bubble, it seems we can't have a civil discussion in the open zone.

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