GDC 08: Crytek on Porting CryENGINE 2 to Consoles

But will Crysis be heading to consoles?

"We're certainly looking at it and considering it," said a tight-lipped Seeley. The studio is currently debating if such a project is the best use of its time. Among its several internal teams--which boast a total of over 200 employees--Crytek is working on at least one other console game, as well as a non-FPS title at its Budapest office.

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LOFT3163891d ago

Crysis port over to the PS3
They did a great job with UT3 so why not

likeaboss3023891d ago

Different company, different engine. Just because UT3 worked out well doesn't mean that Crysis will because they are totally different. Even on the PC side the CryENGINE is so much more demanding. I'm not sure if that's because of poor coding or just so much going on.

Kleptic3891d ago

ha yeah...CryEngine 2.0 and UE3 are completely different...CE is about as advanced as rendering gets right now, and UE3...isn' all...

the real thing though is that with games like Battlefield: BC and Far Cry 2 both apperantly having excellent results on consoles so far, there is a chance that CryEngine 2.0 could still be incredible...would take a ton of work though...

GodsHand3891d ago

If they dont properly port it over to any console, I say don't do it at all. Don't be another EA.


may i remind you of the rendering that my ps3 is capable of?

GETPWNED3891d ago

Please do. And while you're at it, tell us of the ram limitations and mandatory 5 gig installs.

VirusE3891d ago

In my opinion why use the cryengine 2 on consoles if they are going to have to run crysis and other games on medium or high at 720p. Part of what makes crysis and the cryengine so amazing is the graphics on very high settings. If a 3 8800 gtx, 4gigs of ramm quad core machine that chews down a gigawatt of power cant run it full blast i dont think the ps3 or 360 are going to be able to do much with it. I think the game is poorly coded but what do i know.

potenquatro3891d ago

i dont understand why it would be so troublesome to put on consoles. my comp doesn't have quadcore 4gigs 700mb card and it runs it fine on medium high with more than 30fps. i've seen people run it on 64 and 128mb cards with forceware. the 360 has unified shaders so its basically dx10,and i'm sure the ps3 could do a great job too. i think with an update for consoles with better drivers, this game can run well and keep alot of the great gfx. if theres a real reason why it can't bo done, i'd like to hear why. i'm not trying to be a smarta$$, i'd really like to hear it.

Gorgon3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Its perfectly possible to run crysis on consoles. Ofcourse it would not have the same amount of polygon detail, same texture quality and view distance of the original PC game, but so what. Everything else is doable.

potenquatro3891d ago

exacly. i don't get the people that say it can't be possible, or say it would be horrible. i think with this gen of condoles so hungry for market share,are powerful enough to run it and better than what people think. i wouldn't be surprised if they get an almost perfect port(read almost). they could even lower it down to 600p or lower and upscale, make more ram available. idk.

Charlie26883891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

@potenquatro: dude after playing Halo 3 NO thanks to the 600p, I think its better to leave it at medium than having a game that only looks good from close and medium-close and everything else is a will also defeat the point of having it on high >.>

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