Man Stabs Gamer in Back Over Playstation Game

Well it was a football video game, so that explains alot.

The Decatur (Alabama) Daily is reporting that a guy stabbed his wife's cousin in the back with a 10 to 12-inch long butcher knife while the man lay sleeping.

The stabbing was apparently spurred by a heated game of "Playstation football" that pitted Tennessee against Auburn. Tenneesee was winning when Lance Eugene Borchert, 34, decided to call it a night.

James Rodney Wilson, 34, apparently walked into the guy's bedroom and slammed the knife through the guy's back, puncturing a lung. He then ran from the house and hid in the woods.

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DC RID3R5908d ago

Never let your gaurd down!!!

/\ triangles the offence, [] box is the defence.

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deanhatescoffee5908d ago

...can only lead to more people stabbing each other - or at least *trying* to - with the Wiimotes. Let's boycott fun.

HyperBear5908d ago

Sony has done it again. Now it seems they are in the killing business qith their systems, just like that guy who was into the burning house business over an Xbox in Seatle. Games + PMS Guys = Death/Injury + Jail for the killer.

kingboy5908d ago

sleep with one eye on alert after haven`t beaten the hell outta someone in a! advantages of playing online with opponents.

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