GTA IV Exclusive Content Equal To San Andreas/Vice City

So it Looks like Microsoft has finally announced what it's Exclusive DLC deal w/ Rockstar really means, according to Microsoft each episode of DLC content will be equal to the games San Andreas and Vice City for Ps2/Xbox. They have also stated that Digital Downloads will be the new way to deliver the GTA "Expansions."

So it looks like with this new announcement if you were planning on playing the Vice City/San Andreas versions of GTA IV the 360 is the Definitive version to get, with the first expansion arriving as early as Fall this year and the next one to follow-up in 2009.


* When MS says exclusive, they mean that no other system can have DLC content for GTAIV

* It will be bigger than a lot of people think. GTA3 Vice City and San Andreas were basically expansions of GTA3. Think of the DLC that way. We are talking major expansion for GTAIV
* No price has been discussed yet. It's up to Rockstar on whether or not they will charge for it
* If successful, DLC may be the new way to deliver GTA expansions

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Time Lord4751d ago

Whateva they say...I know I dont believe them.

Violater4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

The Bit Bag?

Edit: in any case if they did pay 50 Mil for the DLC then it should be the definitive version, now the question is how much will the consumer have to pay?
And when the DLC is actually released what will people be playing then?

poos34751d ago

im glad i own a 360 from bioshock,mass effect to gears of war 2 fable 2 too human apb and many more im glad i own a 360

4751d ago
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deeznuts4751d ago

I dont' think so. 360 = PS3 until you download and pay for the additional stuff. Then it'll be the definitive version, yes.

Notice they didn't say you get it for free. You pay for GTA4, and you get San Andreas/Vice City, not for free, but cheaper than SA/VC.

How is it definitive again?

gamesR4fun4751d ago

Until I see what the dlc is all about...
one things for sure it aint going to be anything like adding a new map the size of SA still just ta be safe...
Besides ton and tons of other games that deserve my $$$ a lot more than rock$tar...

xhi44751d ago

where is the statement quotes?

this is total bullsh*t at the moment, because if Microsoft did officiall announce it, it would have been all over, it would have been all over gamespot, ign etc.

Not this.........bitbag?

total crap........for the time being.

whoelse4751d ago

yeah right... i'll believe it when i see it.

snyper8314750d ago

Man you really dont know what you are talking about, it looks like you are just commenting out hate cause ps3 wont get the extra dlc am i right??? Ofcourse the 360 is going to be the defenitive version and ofcourse you may have to pay for the extra content!! considering how big the chapters will be and how much that will add to the replay most likely we are gonna have to pay for them but dont matter im sure almost every fan will be willing to pay for them but then again they dont have to and having the option to extend the story is what makes the 360 the defenitive version......

Stubacca4750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

GTAIV will be great on both consoles but I doubt that the exclusive content will really be enough to encourage people to buy 360s suddenly.

If it is actually fantastic then it's a shame people like myself will just never experience it. Pity like. I wouldn't want an X-box and I don't like paying for downloadable content.

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Silellak4751d ago


Vice City is a good example of something that could've been DLC for GTA3. San Andreas? Not so much. That game was epic on scale. More like an Oblivion with Gangsters.

GTA4 isn't as big as San Andreas (though it may have more missions), so I highly doubt the DLC will be. Vice City sounds more reasonable to me. It'll be interesting to see if they add new areas with the 360 DLC or just new missions. The long wait between episodes sounds like more than just mission building, but who knows?

Either way, it's still a solid reason to get the 360 version over the PS3 version, but not necessarily to buy a 360 if you already have a PS3.

SCThor4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

you know, like the Arcade Edition or the original one. I guess those people don't care much about DLC or DRM issues that actually affect the DLC...funny thing.

I can see many compplains in the future about their DLC content don't working anymore when getting a different console instead of the broken one, this problem is as BIG as the red ring problem.

bung tickler4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

well you clearly dont know anything about the drm issue so i would stop talking about it if i were you. the content can still be used you simply have to sign on to xbox live to do so. while it is an issue if say your internet goes down, 90% of the time you wouldnt even notice it, since if you have DLC you most probably are signed on most of the time. i know this becuase i have this same "problem" and it is in no way near as big as the hardware issue. so please piss off.

Nevers4751d ago

when is this crap info people keep spreading gonna stop.

therealwillie4751d ago

he does have a point about the hard drive though, why was burnout a failure on live eh....

Keowrath4751d ago

I wonderi if it's new areas as well or if the size of San Andreas (Which as you say is epic in scale. Love the Oblivion with Gangsters comment) is the size of the story again but set in the same location... If you get what I mean. It does sound extremely good.

I only have a PS3 (may well be getting a 360 for NG2 by the looks of it) but the DLC doesn't bether me that much. Although I rushed for 100% I found San Andreas too big and was glad to get it over with by the end and never played it as much as I did VC but as I say I may have had game overload from trying to reach 100% asap.

To anybody who really LOVES GTA (and I know there's a lot of you) If the bitbag is right and you have the choice of consoles, looks like the 360 may well be the version to get.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4751d ago

Ohhh snap! hey wasn't there a bunch of Droids that said this wasn't true? Didn't they say that "were getting some DLC to"?

"When MS says exclusive, they mean that no other system can have DLC content for GTAIV" no your not XD

spandexxking4751d ago

you know how much of a retard you sound? your not worthy of your "gamer" avatar

GETPWNED4751d ago

lmfao. sony fanf*cks got so owned lol.

spec_ops_comm4751d ago

It's so funny how any anti-PS3 comment can be countered with a simple RRoD comment, i.e.:

"Wait until you run out to Best Buy, snatch up GTAIV for $60, run home, pop it in, hear a weird sound, reboot, see 3 red rings, call MS, wait 2 weeks for a refurbed 360, play GTAIV for 3 hours, get another set of 3 red rings, wait another 2 weeks for a refurbed 360, and so forth.

All the while I've beaten GTAIV and found all the secret packages on my LAUNCH PS3."

See? There is no counter to the RRoD kick-to-the-nuts hypothetical story. It's just too easy.

Isn't the Open Zone just awesome?

Sovannah Phum4751d ago

it's funny how all the microsoft fans/sony haters are hanging around the open zone.

Stubacca4751d ago

spec_ops_comm, bubbles for you mate, got me laughing.

Yeah, I'd much rather have a reliable system. That's what makes me buy a console. THEN the quality of games. Nothing is worse than ending up with a peice of broken crap.

But I can't see how you could get downloadable content that's "equal to Vice City/San Andreas". Xbox Live doesn't do large downloads. Has there been one over a gig yet? It'll almost certainly be a few extra missions.

Good for you, Xbots.

ambientFLIER4750d ago

You can download demos that are over 1 Gig, so I don't see what the problem would be.

meepmoopmeep4750d ago

that avatar should say fanboy NOT gamer. you are no gamer, just a fanboy.

i won't be needing or wanting the DLC anyhow since i don't buy expansions or add-ons for games i buy

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LaChance4751d ago

Wow , no more doubt , the 360 version is clearly the best version.If we can get those extensions (the size of San Andreas !!!!) for 10 dollars/euro thats a very good deal.Its like getting an entire game for 10 dollars !
I really cant see what the sony fanboys can come up with this time to bash the DLC.
Oh! they'll come up with RROD agaaain.
Now just give me one good reason for somebody to get this on the PS3 ?
the 360 is the lead version , off the hook DLC , rumble (dont have to add 50 euros extra like on the PS3) and the list goes on...
I think we 360 owners are very lucky , what do you think ?

Jandre024751d ago

The 360 just owned the sh*t out of us PS3 owners if its true. Stupid move by take-two, they would make more money if they made it on both platforms. Dumbasses...

Sez 4751d ago

and you don't have to install 5gigs for 22.46min to a half and hour just to play too.

Violater4751d ago

you forgot the part about needing a hard drive which comes free on the 360... oh wait...

Jandre024751d ago

Thats something to help developers isnt it? I would wait 20 mins to make GTA load faster.

360 games would load on to the HDD too, but its not standard on the console so they dont. Thats a dumb statement really, there is nothing good about that.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4751d ago

Or how about that 40gb hard drive that fills up after you "install" 8 games? or how about that BC on the 40gb, and those HD cables that come with your HD console? and don't forget that rumble for all PS3's... Oh wait

BTW a hard drive comes with two versions of the 360 and can be upgraded at anytime to HD and BC :) and they all come with rumble (on day one) Have a nice day.

Sez 4751d ago

why would i want to waste 20 to 30 mins. just to only get 1 or 2 seconds faster load time. i rather buy a game and play it as soon as i put it in my console. you can wait if you want to. but i will be playing. have fun waiting since that what sonyfanboy enjoy doing.

Violater4751d ago

8 games fills up the 40 gb huh mmk
I guess thats why I can pick up a 320Gb($179) hard drive and neer neer have problems again?
HDMI cable $15 Walmart (dont fool yourselves they are all the same)
BC (hugs my 60 GB, go pick up a 80Gb if you really want to play PS2 games)
Rumble (White DS3, Ebay $55)

Not having a suicidal noisy console Priceless

Antan4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

"they would make more money if they made it on both platforms"

$50 million says otherwise.

Edit. just to further my comment (looked a little fanboyish), there is no way the same content on the PS3 would generate that figure if sold on the PSN. I think over the PS3`s lifespan it would of generated a fair whack but not this much. Ill still get the PS3 version if its upto scratch, i just prefer GTA on the DS.

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