Xbox 360 Becomes First Video Game Console Ever to Invite the World to Create Original Games and Share Online With Millions

Microsoft Corp. promised to soon allow Xbox LIVE members to play, rate and share community-created games. As the first in the industry to pioneer high-speed online gaming and high-definition games, Xbox 360 once again broke new ground by introducing a new, open distribution service for games created by the community and soon playable by its 10 million Xbox LIVE members. Community-created games on Xbox LIVE will quickly double the size of the Xbox 360 game library. By the end of 2008, Xbox 360 owners will have access to more than 1,000 games, making it the largest, most creatively diverse library across all next-generation platforms.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3895d ago

I need a bigger friends list.

Bill Gates3895d ago


Red Rings for every BABOON. Party on BABOONS......AHAHHAHAHAHHA

Stubacca3895d ago

Yeah, buy a PS3 if you wanna game.

Buy a 360 if you want to watch 3 red lights almost forming a circle. It's beautiful. But hardly worth the price.

Bnet3433895d ago

you like baboons so much, go phuck a baboons red ass you giant douche

AngryTypingGuy3895d ago

And by funny, I mean retarded.

SuperSaiyan43895d ago

I need a bigger friends list too lol 100 is not enough!

Have to say with the amount of games and content on the Xbox 360 its an icredible system and since using the new cooler Falcon Elite its game on people ;-)

poos33895d ago

after playing the free xna game demo on live today called the dishwasher im sold the dishwasher is the kick ass game if u own a 360 download the xna stuff on live and play this game

INehalemEXI3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

4 sure, Dishwasher demo was sweet.

Milky3895d ago

what iis the point. You can play the whole game on computer for free.

wow4u3894d ago

I thought jellycar was worth some time too.

With a built-in-level editor that could even more fun.

And, whoever did it, has a nack for art design, try changing the renderer.

I got a real good giggle from that game.